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Reading year 2014: The Bone Clocks is singular and spectacular. Drop everything and read it.

September 28, 2014 By: jessicazafra Category: Books, Shopping

drogon mitchell

We knew nothing would get done until we finished reading The Bone Clocks so we blew off work for two days to concentrate on it. We could’ve finished sooner, but we needed to recover after each of its five sections.

The Bone Clocks is on the Booker Prize longlist and while we would love if David Mitchell won, it’s probably too damn entertaining for the judges. After the traditional structure of The Thousand Autumns of Jacob De Zoet, Mitchell returns to the connect-the-plots-and-characters arrangement of Cloud Atlas (whose film adaptation by the Wachowskis and Tykwer reviewers hate and we really liked). The Bone Clocks is a science-fiction/fantasy novel, with entities not unlike Time Lords who pop in and out at different periods of history. (How does Mitchell avoid getting consigned to the limbo of the “genre” authors, many of whom could write circles around the critically-acclaimed?)

The Bone Clocks is ambitious, gripping, bizarre, occasionally irritating in a blockbuster action movie way (the fourth chapter, detailing the battle between those entities, is Matrix-y), and wonderful, and when we got to the end we wanted to start reading it all over again. The last section, set in 2043 as a world without oil hurtles towards a Mad Max future, was particularly, viscerally terrifying.

How visceral and terrifying? We went to S&R to stock up on provisions in case the world falls apart. Unfortunately we did not consult our apocalypse-prepping friend so we ended up with plenty of cat food, vitamins, ginger ale, and giant bottles of mouthwash and moisturizer. Then it occurred to us that in case the world does go belly up, the Time Lords, Horologists, Atemporals or whoever is in charge would pick us up and whisk us to a library bunker somewhere. And if they don’t, we’d at least have clean teeth (We could probably share the cat food, if things get really dire).

The Bone Clocks will be reviewed in full.

Question at Midnight #5

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Space travel image
Photo from The Guardian

What one ridiculously expensive, impractical object would you buy if you had the funds?

Post your answer in Comments. The winner will be announced round midnight.

Apropos of nothing, here’s the Cumberbatch pronouncing “penguins”.

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The winner is ros. Email to claim your prizes (not a solid gold monster statuette, unfortunately).

Question at Midnight #4

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What is the worst lust/passion-fueled decision you have ever made?

Spare us the grisly details, the general outlines will do.

Post your answers in Comments. The winner will be announced just before midnight tonight.

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Congratulations to our contestants: you outsourced your decision-making to your crotches but survived. The winner is maelynda. Email to collect your prizes.

Question at Midnight #3

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The Librarian by Arcimboldo

Which book would you live in?

Suppose there were an invention, like in The Kugelmass Episode, that could project you into any work of literature as a new character. What novel would you choose to live in?

The Kugelmass Episode by Woody Allen


Post your answers in Comments. The winner will be announced just before midnight tonight.

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The winner is allancarreon. (Yes, he does social media for the Library of Babel, but for once he is not disqualified. It’s a birthday contest, Zinfandel wins.) Congratulations, email to claim your prize.

Question at Midnight #2

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An old movie theatre

Who will play you in your big-budget film biopic?

Physical resemblance not absolutely necessary. Gender, nationality and skin color immaterial. The actor doesn’t even have to be living. It’s a movie fantasy.

Post your answers in Comments by 11.59pm.

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The winner is MewMew. Congratulations. Please email to claim your prizes.

Norte is the official Philippine entry to the Oscars.

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In this scene, Fabian (Sid Lucero) continues being a dick and lecturing everyone, including his older sister Hoda (Angelina Kanapi).

Thank you.

Next: the campaign to be chosen as one of the five nominees for Best Foreign Language Film. Daunting, but who knew we’d get this far?

Field of Foreign-Language Oscar Contenters Begins To Come Into Focus