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Don’t Be A Writer: Our lecture series at Ayala Museum starts in August

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Tickets are now available at the Ayala Museum reception counter. Reservations are available through online payment at their BPI account 0011-1490-14; email the deposit slip to


Saturday, 2 August, 3-5pm: Don’t Be A Writer. The horrors, terrors, aggravations, anxieties, pleasures and eventual rewards of the writing life.

Saturday, 6 September, 3-5pm: Game of Thrones, Fantasy Epics and Geek Civilization. The hottest show on television, based on the books by “the American Tolkien” George R.R. Martin, is much more than kings, swords, wars, traitors, dragons, sorcerers, and direwolves. It draws on real history, myth and the classics of fantasy fiction. Look under the dragon’s scales with other science-fiction and fantasy nerds.

Saturday, 4 October, 3-5pm: The World Domination Report. Exactly 20 years ago, we unveiled the Filipino campaign to take over the world via Yaya. Listen to the progress report on our global colonization plan.

Adult Pass: Php350/lecture, Php950 for the three lectures
Discounted Pass: Pho250/lecture, Php650 for the three. The discounted rate applies to students, teachers, senior citizens and Ayala Museum members.

The fee includes an Ayala Museum Full-Day Pass and an exclusive e-book by Jessica Zafra (a different e-book per lecture).

For inquiries contact or visit the Ayala Museum on Facebook.

Is this snacktacular enough?

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One afternoon there’s a knock on the door and a messenger delivers this giant bag of snacks. What’s in the baaaaag, you ask, in the voice of Brad Pitt in Se7en. Go to Glorietta on Wednesday and Thursday afternoon to find out.

Another Saturday, another Cibo, another book-signing, with a special furry guest

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Thanks to everyone who popped into our Pop-Up Book Sale and Signing at Cibo in Shangri-La Mall, Mandaluyong last Saturday.



For the complete coverage of Saturday’s pop-up book sale and signing at Cibo Shangri-La Mall, contact our Ministry of Propaganda at

Instagram @thelibraryofbabel
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Twitter @thelibofbabel
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* * * * *

I, Drogon, invite you, earthbound, combustible reader, to my personal appearance at the pop-up book sale and signing of my human, Jessica Zafra, on Saturday, 5 July 2014, from 2-4pm at Cibo on the third floor of Power Plant Mall in Rockwell, Makati. You may have your photograph taken with me, that is, sitting or standing next to me. Although I am a very friendly cat, I can be extremely affectionate and there is the off-chance I might bite your face off from sheer adoration. So do not touch me or I might spew dragonfire and vaporize body parts you will miss. But look, I am so handsome. See you on Saturday!

The books are Php399 a pop or P699 for the pair. You can also get them online at The Library of Babel.

P.S. Drogon thinks the four-month suspension on Uruguay’s Luis Suarez for biting is excessive.

Pop-up book sale and signing at Cibo in Shangri-La tomorrow, 28 June at 2pm

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Behind Saffy: A handwoven rectangular bag in a banig weave from Antique. Rene is having some book bags (smaller than this) made in this design; they will be available in a few weeks.

Saffy reminds you that we’re having another pop-up book sale and signing at Cibo on the second floor of Shangri-La Mall at Mandaluyong on Saturday, 28 June 2014 at 2-4pm.

You can buy your books there at Php399 for one and Php699 for both, or order them at The Library of Babel online store.

Pictures from Saturday’s book-signing. Next stop: Cibo Shangri-La on Saturday, 28 June

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This is our gene pool—our nieces, from left: Eowyn (Yes, Eowyn) the perpetually cheerful, 9 months old; Daenerys (Yes, Daenerys) the cranky and picky one (Yesterday at lunch in a tonkatsu restaurant she only wanted miso soup, lots and lots of miso soup), 2 years old; and Mika the politician (is on beso-beso terms with the mothers of her classmates; did not take after us), 7. We are the Bene Gesserit chapter of Makati (We could also be hair donors).

jules and the escatroids
Jules is getting her kids started on reading early. No, they are not twins.

Lucky we did not wear the exact same shirt Paulyn is wearing. Argh, we even shop at the same place.

Kurt has lost so much weight since our last blog event.

Jeannie is wearing a Peanuts shirt. We all read Peanuts as kids. It stars a depressed child.

Doctors! Doctors! Not there to check if we were warging again.

The survivors of our writing workshop, in random pairings. From left to right, first row: Angus, who runs a reading group; and Deo, who’s read nearly everything; Reg and PJ, who are working on a Lifestyle Asia portfolio which features us with our Jedi master; second row: the two Mikes, science-fiction Mike whose novel could be adapted for film, and disappearing Mike because he had chikungunya during the workshop; Momelia, whose tattoos come to life, and Lloyd, who told us of his adventures looking for a WC in the banlieue of Paris; third row: our tireless Minister of Propaganda Allan, and newly-appointed Minister of Teleportation Evan, whose job is to usher away the makulit (so they don’t feel too bad, cause they’ll be thinking, “Hey, it’s…”); and Jaime who has hopefully gotten to page two of his novel, and Noel, author of Crime-Fighting Call Center Agents.

For a complete (obsessive-compulsive) coverage of Saturday’s pop-up book sale and signing at Cibo Greenbelt 5, with pictures of everyone who showed up, liaise with our Ministry of Propaganda at

Instagram @thelibraryofbabel
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Twitter @thelibofbabel
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Get your copies of The Stories So Far (fiction) and Geeks Vs. Jocks (essays) at the Library of Babel online store. Each book (hardbound, bookpaper) retails at the introductory price of Php399; get both books for the special price of Php699.

Thanks to Cibo for the terrific venue and the free iced tea and chips for everyone who had their books signed. See you on Saturday, 2-4pm at Cibo in Shangri-La Mall in Mandaluyong.

We’re having a pop-up sale and signing on Saturday, 2-3pm at Cibo Greenbelt 5

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Our new books The Stories So Far (fiction) and Geeks Vs Jocks (non-fiction) are available only in hardcover (Php399 for each, P699 the pair), only online at But we’re having a series of pop-up book sales and signings starting this Saturday, 21 June, 2-3pm at Cibo on the second floor of Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center, Makati. You can buy the books right there and have them signed.

Other pop-up sales and signings (to be confirmed)

Saturday, 28 June, 2-3pm at Cibo in Shangri-La Plaza
Saturday, 5 July, 2-3pm at Cibo in Power Plant Mall, Rockwell

See you there! If Drogon behaves (sometimes he gets too excited) we might bring him for photo-ops, since he like being photographed much more than we do.

If your school or company would like to invite us for a talk/reading/signing, email Brewhuh at