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We’re having a pop-up sale and signing on Saturday, 2-3pm at Cibo Greenbelt 5

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Our new books The Stories So Far (fiction) and Geeks Vs Jocks (non-fiction) are available only in hardcover (Php399 for each, P699 the pair), only online at But we’re having a series of pop-up book sales and signings starting this Saturday, 21 June, 2-3pm at Cibo on the second floor of Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center, Makati. You can buy the books right there and have them signed.

Other pop-up sales and signings (to be confirmed)

Saturday, 28 June, 2-3pm at Cibo in Shangri-La Plaza
Saturday, 5 July, 2-3pm at Cibo in Power Plant Mall, Rockwell

See you there! If Drogon behaves (sometimes he gets too excited) we might bring him for photo-ops, since he like being photographed much more than we do.

If your school or company would like to invite us for a talk/reading/signing, email Brewhuh at

Our new books are here!

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they're heeeere
The books that nearly killed their author haha.

The Stories So Far (fiction) and Geeks Vs. Jocks (non-fiction) go on sale starting today at the Library of Babel online store. Available in hardcover at an introductory price of Php399 for one title, or Php699 for both.

Seriously, did we learn anything from the recent brush with mortality? We learned that we have nothing to fear from death. It’s not terrifying, it’s Boring.

Carpets so gorgeous, we don’t want them to fly.

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oriental carpet
The classic handwoven silk carpet

We want them to stay put in our houses so we can walk barefoot on them, sit on them, sleep on them, and most of all look at them. They make furniture seem redundant.

oriental carpet 2
Tribal carpet in a medallion pattern

On Saturday, 17 May at 6pm, In Touch Community Services is holding an Oriental Carpet Auction at the Bahia on the 14th floor of the InterContinental Hotel on Ayala, Makati. This is an event they do twice a year to raise funds for the community services of In Touch, such as the free and confidential psychological counseling helpline whose numbers appear on the left side of this page.

oriental carpet4
A highly unusual design, featuring cats.

You’ll see dozens of gorgeous pieces from the weaving centers of the world, and get a chance to acquire them at prices lower than you can imagine. The auction is not only great fun, but you’ll come away feeling like an expert on the history and traditions of carpet-weaving.

For inquiries and ticket reservations, contact In Touch at (02)893-1893 or (02)810-6233, or email If you’re from a media organization and wish to cover the event, drop us a line in Comments or email

Cocktails will be served.

We have opened a Ministry of Social Media Propaganda

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ministry of social media propaganda
Drogon appoints Allan Keymaster of the Ministry of Social Media Propaganda

Being antisocial, we cannot abide the thought of joining any social media platforms. (We didn’t join any organizations in college and we’re not about to start being sociable now.) However, we acknowledge the necessity of a social media presence in the 21st century, particularly if one is in the business of selling books.

Therefore we have opened a Ministry of Social Media Propaganda for our publisher and online distributor, The Library of Babel, and appointed as its Keymaster Allan Carreon.

For news, confirmed rumors and psychobabble about current sales, forthcoming publications, contests, writing workshops, and other matters pertaining to world domination, especially photographs of cats, follow The Library of Babel on

Instagram @thelibraryofbabel
Web access

Twitter @thelibofbabel
Web access

Facebook babellibrary

For now we would appreciate it very much if you take a picture of yourself reading any Twisted book, post the picture on your social media, and alert Keymaster Allan so that he may bombard the unsuspecting with your visage. While you’re at it, tell the Keymaster which living persons (We prefer not to involve entities from other dimensions, they’re so garrulous) you want to see reading Twisted and arrangements shall be made.

See Norte on April 15 at Glorietta and Trinoma

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poster with dates ayala encore

The Last Twisted Sale Ever

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last twisted 2

Why do you need copies of Twisted?

(a) Your friend borrowed your copies years ago and never returned them.
(b) You packed them the last time you moved house and now you don’t remember which crate they’re in.
(c) They got Ondoyed/drowned in a flood.
(d) Your ex stole your copies. (It’s his/her/their one redeeming quality.)
(e) Your cats used your books as scratching posts.


(f) Your kids need to submit book reports on Filipino authors.
(g) You were insane enough to propose them as subjects for your thesis.
(h) You are writing a dissertation on World Domination.
(i) You want to reread the essays about Temptation Island, massacre movies, covering books in plastic, Goran Ivanisevic, bra sizes, Pinoy alternative rock, the grunge era, the guy whose nards got stuck in the holes in a monobloc chair, and cats before they took over the Internet.
(j) You want to give them to your friends who moved to the US/Canada/ANZ/Europe/Uranus and left their copies here (The Library of Babel delivers).
(k) You moved to the US/Canada/ANZ/Europe/Uranus and left your copies in the Philippines.
(l) You need unique coasters for your square-bottomed glasses.
(m) You’ve never read them.
(n) You need to get a present for someone at work and she/he seems the type who’d like them.
(o) You need material for a 1994-2007 time capsule.
(p) They’re cheap.
(q) You may be through with the past, but the past isn’t through with you till you get signed copies.

Live at The Library of Babel.