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Uro Dela Cruz, 1951-2016

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Screenwriter, fictionist, filmmaker and photographer Rosauro Quevedo Dela Cruz died of liver failure this morning at 0530.

(He did not drink. We know this for a fact because he was the most unpretentious foodie, and if wine came with the meal, we drank his portion as well. He had diabetes for many years, and the medication he was taking gave him fatty liver which eventually became cirrhosis.)

He is survived by his wife Anna and his children Tata, Toto and Dodong. And many, many cats.

Friends who wish to see him one last time can come to Santuario de San Jose in Greenhills. Take the Connecticut gate.

The funeral is on Sunday, 7 February, 3 pm at Manila Memorial Park in Sucat.

He should’ve gone to Paris.

Jessica Zafra’s Writing Boot Camp 2016

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JZ 2016 super final copy

Jessica Zafra’s Writing Boot Camp is a series of workshops held every quarter at the Ayala Museum. The first workshop, How To Write Movie Reviews, will be held on February 18 and 25 from 6.30 to 8.30pm. It consists of discussions, brief screenings, and quick writing exercises. Reading assignments and the viewing assignment (one movie, a fun one) are given out upon registration. Coffee and snacks are served throughout the sessions. Writing materials are provided. There is one 750-word writing assignment, to be completed on your own time, which should take two hours or less. The fee is Php5,500.

Register now by emailing, calling (02) 759 8288, visiting the Ayala Museum Facebook page or inquiring at the museum front desk.

Virgin Labfest at CCP is now accepting new one-act or short plays for staging

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drogon working
Drogon ponders the idea for a play that he will dictate to his human.

The VIRGIN LABFEST YEAR 12 is now open for script submissions! The Virgin Labfest is an annual festival of unpublished, unstaged, untried and untested works for the theater held at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. This festival is a partnership project of the Writer’s Bloc, Inc., Tanghalang Pilipino, Inc. and the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

This year, the Virgin Labfest will choose twelve (12) new one-act plays.

The Virgin Labfest accepts submissions of qualified written works:

1. one-act plays or short plays with a maximum running time of 40 minutes

2. All submitted works must NOT have previously been
– published in book form;
– staged commercially for more than two (2) performances (staged readings, one-time workshop productions are allowed);
– awarded any literary or drama recognition in competitions and the like

3. works may be in Filipino, English, Cebuano, Hiligaynon or Ilocano. (Cebuano, Hiligaynon and Ilocano works must have accompanying Filipino translations.)

The festival is open to various themes and genres.

Submission Deadline is on FEBRUARY 29, 2016

Submissions may be sent online:
1) in .doc or .pdf FORMAT ONLY to the following e-addresses: and/or

2) hand-delivered or mailed (two hard copies) to CLOTILDE LUCERO or NIKKI TORRES, Performing Arts Department, Upper Basement, Cultural Center of the Philippines, Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City

Mailed deliveries should be postmarked on or before the submission deadline date (February 29, 2016), Submissions should indicate full name and contact address of the playwright.

We hope to hear from you!

Fashion to the rescue: A solution for senior citizens with bladder issues

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Introducing On-The-Go, the cargo pants with a secret, created by Dennis Lustico, Mon Pineda, James Reyes and Noel Orosa. Read the feature at InterAksyon.

On-The-Go retails at PHP 800.00 and comes in three colors: navy blue, black, and khaki. There are five waist sizes for men: Extra Small (29 inches), Small (30-31 inches), Medium (32-33 inches), Large (34-35 inches) and Extra Large (36 inches). To order, please contact Alyssa Lustico at 0926-7560494 or (02)8460915, email, or leave a comment.

Benedict Anderson, a scholar who loved the Philippines, 1936 – 2015

December 13, 2015 By: jessicazafra Category: Announcements, History 1 Comment →


According to his colleague Coeli Barry, Ben was in Jakarta on December 10 for the launch of the translation of his book, Under Three Flags (where he traces the influence of anarchism on the work of Jose Rizal and Isabelo de los Reyes). Afterwards, he went to Surabaya in the eastern part of Java, then to Batu, Malang. He was asleep in his hotel room on Friday night when his breathing became very loud and uneven. Ben had severe sleep apnea, which may have caused his heart to stop.

As of today, 13 December, his body is lying at a funeral home in Surabaya where people will be able to pay their respects.

It was Ben’s wish that his ashes be scattered in Java. Ben had been barred from Indonesia in 1973 after he and Ruth McVey produced a paper arguing that the 30 September Movement in 1965 was not the work of the Indonesian communists as claimed by the Suharto government, but an internal army affair. (Early last year we asked Ben about Joshua Oppenheimer’s acclaimed film on the mass executions of accused communists in Indonesia, The Act of Killing. Ben didn’t like it. He explained why, but we couldn’t hear him because the mall was noisy and Ben had a very soft voice. Even in a quiet place we had to strain to hear him.)

His books Imagined Communities, The Spectre of Comparisons, and Under Three Flags are necessary reading for people who wish to understand the roots of the Filipino nation. The last time we saw Ben was after the launch of El Diablo en Filipinas, his translation of Isabelo de los Reyes’s comic story. The world is dumber for his passing.

Watch The Hunt, Antichrist and other great movies for free at the Danish Film Festival

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Denmark has produced some of the most important filmmakers in the history of cinema, from Carl Theodor Dreyer to the instigators of Dogme 95 and after. Starting tomorrow you can see the work of recent Danish filmmakers at the Danish Film Festival in Shang Mall.

If you have not seen The Hunt, we recommend you start there. Mads Mikkelsen (TV’s Hannibal) plays a kindergarten employee who is accused of sexually abusing a child. The charge goes viral in the small town, and even after he is cleared of the charge, he has to defend himself against the same friends he used to go hunting with. Mikkelsen won the Best Actor prize at Cannes for his amazing, empathic portrayal. Also, the movie is set during the Xmas season, which makes for great counter programming.

DFF_Final_12x18BLUE p2
Then you can watch Mikkelsen again in A Royal Affair, a costume drama where he is cast as friend and physician to the unstable King Christian VII. The physician and Queen Caroline Mathilda use their influence over the king to make Denmark a centre of enlightened thought, enraging the aristocracy. Alicia Vikander, who is in every other movie this year, plays the queen.