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The no-scoop perpetual sifting litterbox

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Consisting of three identical stacked trays, this aesthetically pleasing litter box just needs you to lift the top tray to separate the waste from the clean, useable litter, which would fall into the tray beneath and be ready to use again. After throwing the waste away, simply turn the top tray around and place it at the bottom of the stack and you are done.

Not only is this an incredibly easy and quick way to clean out a litter box, it is also a method that ensures zero wastage as you would never have to throw away clean cat litter again.

Read about it at DesignTaxi.

Thanks to Noel for the alert. At dinner the other night he reminded us of that soap ad where the model takes a leaf and slathers half of it with lotion. Then she crushes the dry half and says, “See how it crumbles?” The slathered half doesn’t, ergo buy the soap. (Somebody send us that ad.)

That commercial used to drive our Physics teacher nuts. “What kind of experiment is that! It has no control group!”

In our section freshman year there was this guy who used to move his head from side to side constantly, like an Indian dancer, and our Physics teacher said, “What’s wrong with you? You look like the dog at the back of the car!”

Cat reenacts famous horror movies: Tremors

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drogon tremors

Drogon as the Graboid in Tremors (1990) starring Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward.

Someone is torturing and killing cats in Dasmarinas Village

January 27, 2016 By: jessicazafra Category: Cats, Crime 6 Comments →

Cat Serial Killer Dasma 2
Photos sent in by a reader.

Arguably there are bigger, more urgent problems than the death and disappearance of fourteen cats in an upmarket gated community in Makati, but the fact that anyone thinks they can get away with torturing small animals is cause for alarm. Animal cruelty is a gateway crime. In the greater scheme of things, people are small animals.

It is impossible to keep secrets in this town, especially in a community where everyone knows each other. Start talking.

Update. We’re never going to abandon this blog. We report a cat serial killer and immediately readers name-check Murakami.

From decades of watching serial killer movies, we can try to profile the perp. From the syntax of the written note, we think it’s someone educated in the British school system. “Our village is no cat sanctuary.” People educated the American way, such as Pinoys, would write, “Our village is not a cat sanctuary.” Your thoughts?

It is useless to resist them.

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Boysie of House De La Cruz


Drogon loves Darth Vader

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Dad? Is that you?

Chris Hemsworth, the sea, and a bunch of cats

December 07, 2015 By: jessicazafra Category: Cats, Movies 2 Comments →

"The Man Who Dreams Only of Surfing" starring Chris Hemsworth from Bruce Weber on Vimeo.

Thanks to Juan for the alert. After this last weekend, we have decided to hole up in the house until the holiday madness passes. This will make us stir-crazy, so everyday we will walk to the mall and back. Walking is good for thinking, and we do need to eat and do chores. But we will not waste another hour sitting in traffic, unless we’re in a car with our favorite interesting people. And beverages.

No Bruce, ignore the primate, look here.
Get out of the shot, human, this is my close-up.
Let me go! Let me go!
Finally he’s gone. Lunch break!

Today’s reason for leaving the house: to watch In the Heart of the Sea. It’s supposed to be about the actual event that inspired Moby Dick, so we expect sober Melville.

Update: Skip the movie and watch Monty Python’s lifeboat sketch instead. The screenplay is dull, the direction is unimaginative, and while Chris Hemsworth can do larger-than-life, we suspect he can’t do life-size.