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At least they could’ve used real books.

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Photo by Juan Chua

At the W Hotel in Hong Kong, the design theme is “library”. This makes it difficult to locate the buttons for the elevator. Oh sorry, the lift.


The books, though, are fake. Used books (which can be bought by the meter) would probably have been cheaper than fake books, but they’re harder to dust.

Ask this cat at a book stall in C.M. Recto.

Recto cat 1
Photo by Uro dela Cruz

Drogon thanks you for coming to his signing.

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Human, cat, Roni, book.

Thanks for coming to my personal appearance at the human’s book-signing last Saturday. You can see all the pictures at

Instagram @thelibraryofbabel
Web access

Twitter @thelibofbabel
Web access

Meanwhile, we must check our Minister of Propaganda Allan into Camera360 rehab for abusing what Deo calls “beauty by filtration”.

Also, thanks to Evan for figuring out that the reason I was listless and refused to come out of my carrier was because I was wearing a harness. I hate harnesses! A Drogon is not a slave.

And thanks to Cibo for letting us have the book-signings at their cafes. Catch the book-signings later this year at Cibo in Gateway, Greenhills, and Robinson’s Magnolia. I will be present if the malls allow cats.

See you at our pop-up book-signing with Drogon at Cibo Rockwell tomorrow

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Buy your copies of The Stories So Far (fiction, hardcover, Php399) and Geeks Vs Jocks (essays, hardcover, Php399) at the Library of Babel online store, or right at the venue, Cibo on the third floor of Power Plant Mall in Rockwell, Makati. We’ll be signing books from 2pm to 4pm.

Get the special price of Php699 if you buy both books.

* * * * *

Drogon Q&A

Q. You’re an all-white cat with blue eyes. Are you deaf?
A. Ask me again and I’ll bite your face off.
Q. Can we have our picture taken with you?
A. Yes, but don’t attempt to touch me because if I take a sudden dislike to you I may bite your face off. My designated yayas will be there to hold me for photos.
Q. What are your hobbies?
A. Grooming and chasing my toys.
Q. Do you have any messages from your human?
A. Don’t ask her how she is. She knows that you are concerned and mean well and thanks you for it, but she is tired of answering questions about her health. It has been a month since she left the hospital. If she weren’t feeling all right, she would not be having a book-signing.
Q. Where are you from?
A. Duh, Old Valyria.
Q. Shouldn’t you be named Viserion since you are creamy white?
A. Who wants to be named after that wuss?
Q. Will your human be doing other book-signings?
A. Maybe, maybe not. To be sure, attend her talks at the Ayala Museum.

Another Saturday, another Cibo, another book-signing, with a special furry guest

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Thanks to everyone who popped into our Pop-Up Book Sale and Signing at Cibo in Shangri-La Mall, Mandaluyong last Saturday.



For the complete coverage of Saturday’s pop-up book sale and signing at Cibo Shangri-La Mall, contact our Ministry of Propaganda at

Instagram @thelibraryofbabel
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Twitter @thelibofbabel
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* * * * *

I, Drogon, invite you, earthbound, combustible reader, to my personal appearance at the pop-up book sale and signing of my human, Jessica Zafra, on Saturday, 5 July 2014, from 2-4pm at Cibo on the third floor of Power Plant Mall in Rockwell, Makati. You may have your photograph taken with me, that is, sitting or standing next to me. Although I am a very friendly cat, I can be extremely affectionate and there is the off-chance I might bite your face off from sheer adoration. So do not touch me or I might spew dragonfire and vaporize body parts you will miss. But look, I am so handsome. See you on Saturday!

The books are Php399 a pop or P699 for the pair. You can also get them online at The Library of Babel.

P.S. Drogon thinks the four-month suspension on Uruguay’s Luis Suarez for biting is excessive.

The Adventure of the Cardboard Box (Sets)

June 30, 2014 By: jessicazafra Category: Books, Cats, Contest 2 Comments →

drogon sherlock

The winner of our Drogon and Sherlock caption contest are:

ayms for “The Sign of Fur”. (Which suggests you already have these books, in which case you could give them to someone who hasn’t read them yet.)

Momelia for “The Pale White Boys of Good Grooming”. Because we can’t tell who is whiter.

You both win the Bantam Classics Sherlock Holmes boxed set. Post your full names and current email addresses (The information will not be published) in Comments and we’ll email you directions for claiming your prize.

This contest was brought to you by National Bookstores.

Pop-up book sale and signing at Cibo in Shangri-La tomorrow, 28 June at 2pm

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Behind Saffy: A handwoven rectangular bag in a banig weave from Antique. Rene is having some book bags (smaller than this) made in this design; they will be available in a few weeks.

Saffy reminds you that we’re having another pop-up book sale and signing at Cibo on the second floor of Shangri-La Mall at Mandaluyong on Saturday, 28 June 2014 at 2-4pm.

You can buy your books there at Php399 for one and Php699 for both, or order them at The Library of Babel online store.