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saffy with coke
This drink has our name on it,

and so does this stuffed toy. It’s the Jessica Monster, available at La Pomme on the third floor hallway of Power Plant Mall in Rockwell, Makati.

La Pomme sells stuffed toys outside of the stuffed animal range—they’ve got clouds, ships, mermaids, fruit, cupcakes and so on. They also offer basic sewing lessons so kids can customize their stuffed toys. (Though they cannot be responsible if your kid sews “666” onto their doll.)

“Why are there no monsters?” we asked. “We want a stuffed toy monster.” Voila, Apol made one and named it after us (We’ll add eyeglasses).

Mat is 13! This weekend he is The Oracle.

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Happy Birthday, Matthias Eomer! This weekend he will answer all your burning questions about your future. Post them in Comments.

Robin Williams is dead.

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He was found dead in his house, an apparent suicide.

We practically memorized Robin Williams Live At The Met, and still use his jokes in everyday conversation (“It was dark, it was light, it was dark, it was light,” “…pants so tight you can see what religion they are,” etc).

We suddenly remembered that New York Times profile in which the writer described Robin Williams at the drive-through window at McDonald’s, ordering in the voice of Jodie Foster as Nell. Thank you, Mr. Williams.

Mat advises you to find your feline soulmate

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Hello, I am Mat and I am a rescue cat. My human rescued me from hunger and homelessness, and I rescued her from boredom and sameness. We have been together since 2001. When people see me they ask what breed I am. I may be part-tabby, but I’m not sure. I do know that if you take in a stray cat, feed it properly and give it shelter and affection, he will look elegant (and sosyal) in a few weeks.

2013-11-20 15.23.06
There are many cats (and dogs) looking for the right humans at the shelter run by the Philippine Animal Welfare Society, a non-government organization which has been around in 1954. PAWS accommodates homeless cats and dogs and finds humans for them to live with.

2014-03-26 14.55.48
PAWS also offers clinic services including low-cost spaying and neutering. Spaying and neutering are important, otherwise the stray cat population grows unchecked. I was neutered in 2005. It’s better for feline health. It also curbs my urge to walk the earth so I don’t get into fights with other cats or rummage in garbage cans and eat stuff that will make me sick. Or risk getting run over, kidnapped or lost. Plus I don’t pee on things to mark my territory. I stay indoors and play with Saffy and Drogon, who are also rescue cats.

LEO re2
Consider adopting a cat. Cats are fun, as anyone with an internet connection knows. If you’re entertained by cat videos online, imagine how much more delightful it would be to have a feline housemate. Like Leo here, who loves humans.

PAWS Animal Rehabilitation Center (PARC) on Aurora Boulevard, Katipunan Valley, Loyola Heights, Quezon City is open to the public Mondays to Saturdays from 10am – 5pm. (Photos courtesy of PAWS volunteer Arnold Cabalza.)

To find out more about the cat adoption program and other activities including the Volunteer Orientation next week, visit the PAWS Facebook page.

At least they could’ve used real books.

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Photo by Juan Chua

At the W Hotel in Hong Kong, the design theme is “library”. This makes it difficult to locate the buttons for the elevator. Oh sorry, the lift.


The books, though, are fake. Used books (which can be bought by the meter) would probably have been cheaper than fake books, but they’re harder to dust.

Ask this cat at a book stall in C.M. Recto.

Recto cat 1
Photo by Uro dela Cruz

Drogon thanks you for coming to his signing.

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Human, cat, Roni, book.

Thanks for coming to my personal appearance at the human’s book-signing last Saturday. You can see all the pictures at

Instagram @thelibraryofbabel
Web access

Twitter @thelibofbabel
Web access

Meanwhile, we must check our Minister of Propaganda Allan into Camera360 rehab for abusing what Deo calls “beauty by filtration”.

Also, thanks to Evan for figuring out that the reason I was listless and refused to come out of my carrier was because I was wearing a harness. I hate harnesses! A Drogon is not a slave.

And thanks to Cibo for letting us have the book-signings at their cafes. Catch the book-signings later this year at Cibo in Gateway, Greenhills, and Robinson’s Magnolia. I will be present if the malls allow cats.