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Fashion to the rescue: A solution for senior citizens with bladder issues

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Congratulations to our friends Dennis Lustico and Noel Orosa, creators of On The Go! Their project for Campaigns & Grey has won a global award for excellence in public relations.

* * * * *

Introducing On-The-Go, the cargo pants with a secret, created by Dennis Lustico, Mon Pineda, James Reyes and Noel Orosa.

The feature at InterAksyon is no longer available, but you can read our article from 2015 at BusinessWorld.

On-The-Go retails at PHP 800.00 and comes in three colors: navy blue, black, and khaki. There are five waist sizes for men: Extra Small (29 inches), Small (30-31 inches), Medium (32-33 inches), Large (34-35 inches) and Extra Large (36 inches). To order, please contact Alyssa Lustico at 0926-7560494 or (02)8460915, email, or leave a comment.

Come to the Habi bazaar this weekend for handwoven fabric

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This week in glasses

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Last week we found these vintage sunglasses at a store in Greenbelt. They look like they should be worn while driving to Biarritz in a convertible. We took the frames to our optometrist Nella Sarabia to have the lenses replaced with our own prescription lenses.


In Nella’s shop window we saw these Kate Spade frames, black outside, purple inside, Php1500. We had those glasses made, too.

We picked up our new glasses this morning. It takes just two days to have prescription lenses made, one day if you’re really in a hurry.

Nella Sarabia’s store is at the UP Shopping Center in Diliman. To make an appointment, call (02)435.5685.

Avatar makes Cebu the earring capital of the Philippines

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avatar outlet1

Our first stop in Cebu was the Avatar store at the Bellavista Hotel.

avatar outlet2

Avatar is a Cebu-based fashion accessories and jewelry brand that pre-dates the James Cameron movie (although the tall blue aliens would like it). Its products are exported all over the world, and it’s won many awards for design.

avatar outlet3

“Avatar” means “the incarnation of an idea” and if the idea is “Death to the boring,” we consider it a success.


They have a pop-up store in Greenbelt, but the Bellavista Hotel outlet has the best prices. You can get earrings for as low as Php100. There are bracelets, necklaces, etc, but we didn’t look at them because we were on our way to lunch.

Turn your empty coffee pods into earrings

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coffee pod earrings

Found these at a weekend market in Italy: earrings made of empty coffee pods. They’re very light, they’re environment-friendly, and it is highly unlikely that you will meet anyone wearing the same earrings.

Dispose of clothes you don’t want anymore and get a one-time 15 percent discount at H&M.

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Gather all the clothes you no longer have any use for, including the ones that no longer fit but you’re in denial about, and put them in two bags. (All, meaning even those that are not from H&M. They can even be very old or damaged.) Take them to an H&M store. Bring only two bags per day, don’t bring your entire wardrobe.


Take the bag/s to the cash point checkout next to the I:CO (I: Collect) display box. The sales advisor will look at the bag to see if its contents are safe.


The bag will be placed in the I:CO box. In return, you get a “15 percent off 1 item” discount voucher per bag. You can only get a maximum of 2 vouchers a day.

How many pieces or what is the weight of one bag? There are no rules on quantity or weight, but remember that these are clothes you were going to get rid of anyway, so the more the better.

Again, you can only bring 2 bags a day, for which you will get 2 “15 percent off 1 item” vouchers.


I:Collect will sort the clothes and figure out how to reuse them. Clothes still in good condition will be re-sold as used goods. Clothes that are no longer wearable (meaning they’re ruined, not that they’re polyester mu-muus or I heart Alanis T-shirts one cannot be seen in) are made into cleaning cloths (Yes, trapo). Clothes that cannot be reused are recycled into damping or insulating materials or new textiles. If there is no more conceivable use for those clothes, they are incinerated to produce energy.

For every kilo of clothes H&M collects, I:CO will donate 2 cents Euro to UNICEF Philippines. They will not make a profit from this project.

For more information, go to