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Update: Our friend Nella Sarabia’s shop survived the fire at the UP Shopping Center.

March 08, 2018 By: jessicazafra Category: Current Events 6 Comments →

This morning I woke up to ten texts reporting a fire at Dilimall, the UP Shopping Center where my optometrist of 22 years, Nella Sarabia, has had her shop forever. As has been pointed out in the news media, this is the fourth fire on campus in the last four years.

The Shopping Center was renovated recently (and had a decent washroom for once). I was just at Dilimall last Tuesday to see Nella, and I tried to eat at Rodic’s but it was packed as usual.

Nella just replied to my texts to let me know that her optical was among the few shops spared in the blaze. Most of the stalls simply went up in smoke. Chancellor Michael Tan has announced that the stalls will be relocated around campus soon.

(Personally I feel like my history is being erased—no more CASAA where I used to have breakfast and lunch every day, no more Faculty Center where our Comp Lit classes were held because there were less than ten of us, and now no more Shopping Center where everyone had materials photocopied, printed and bound. If your thesis was among the casualties, I hope you have copies.)

Message to all women: There is no stain on your reputation that the truth can’t wash away.

March 08, 2018 By: jessicazafra Category: Current Events 1 Comment →

So proud of one of my best friends, Noel Orosa, who wrote the Rise, Kris, Rise ad. It’s a tribute to the strength of women and how they refuse to bow to the social strictures that tell them how they’re supposed to behave. This reminder has never been more timely or necessary.??

I remember how nervous Noel was the night before he was to present the concept to Kris Aquino. They were going to throw mud at her! It was unheard of! I told him, “Matalino siya, she will get it immediately.” True enough, she saw how vital its message is, and how she was its ideal messenger. She’s heard it all, and she rises above it over and over again.

There is no stain on your reputation that the truth cannot wash away. Never forget.

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What should we do with the alleged cat killers of BGC? (Since it’s too late to neuter their ancestors)

February 20, 2018 By: jessicazafra Category: Cats, Current Events 5 Comments →

I knew there was a reason I bought this kerchief.

Dammit I leave for ten days in Japan for the World Domination Project, and the minute I return to Manila my phone is seismic with reports of an alleged cat massacre in BGC. Before I can celebrate the mass recruitment to our cause, I have to find out what the hell happened to the cats. When I get the details, when we figure out who is responsible, they’re going to wish their parents had been neutered.

Post your suggestions on how to deal with the cat killers.

“We still believe in free speech, the world just needs a new theory of it.”

January 19, 2018 By: jessicazafra Category: Current Events, Language, Technology No Comments →

The most effective forms of censorship today involve meddling with trust and attention, not muzzling speech itself. As a result, they don’t look much like the old forms of censorship at all. They look like viral or coordinated harassment campaigns, which harness the dynamics of viral outrage to impose an unbearable and disproportionate cost on the act of speaking out. They look like epidemics of disinformation, meant to undercut the credibility of valid information sources. They look like bot-fueled campaigns of trolling and distraction, or piecemeal leaks of hacked materials, meant to swamp the attention of traditional media.

Read It’s the (Democracy-Poisoning) Golden Age of Free Speech by Zeynep Tufekci in Wired. Then read the entire issue: Free Speech, Tech Turmoil, and the New Censorship.

When an artist you admire is revealed to be a creep or worse

November 13, 2017 By: jessicazafra Category: Art, Current Events, Sex 2 Comments →

2017: the year all remaining illusions took a hit.

I wonder when Filipinos will have their #MeToo moment. Here, where we are told that the right response to sexual harassment is “Thank you” (As in, “Pasalamat ka na na-harass ka, hindi ka naman maganda”). Or “Pay up.” Wonder if (sociological) climate change will bring about a cold day in hell.

Aggretsuko and Gudetama: Adorable and anti-capitalist

July 23, 2017 By: jessicazafra Category: Current Events, Shopping No Comments →

If Hello Kitty represents happy-go-lucky submission to globalization, Sanrio’s newer characters respond to the market with soul-crushing resignation or seething rage. Aggretsuko “is a symbol and expression of the pent-up stress and irritation that is rife in the world today,” her designer, Yeti, wrote in an email. And Gudetama, Amy wrote, parallels “the people in modern society who despair amid economic hard times.”

How Sanrio Makes Anti-Capitalism Adorable and Profitable