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Charlie Hebdo, by a survivor

January 22, 2015 By: jessicazafra Category: Current Events, Places No Comments →

The cartoonists Georges Wolinski and Cabu at the offices of Charlie Hebdo, Paris, May 23, 2012. Photo by Patrick Fouque/Getty Images

Dear Friends of Charlie Hebdo and Libération,

Right now I have nothing left but three fingers wrapped in Band-Aids, a heavily bandaged jaw, and just a few ounces of strength, a few minutes in which to express to you all my affection and thank you for your friendship and your support. This is all I wanted to say to you: if there is one thing that this attack reminded me about, or even taught me in the first place, it’s why I practice this profession at these two papers—out of a spirit of freedom and the sheer fun of expressing it, whether in the form of news or caricature, in good company, and in every way possible, however unsuccessful, without feeling the slightest need to judge the result.

Continue reading at the NYRB Blog.

Maggie Gyllenhaal rules The Honourable Woman as a drowsy baroness.

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As Nessa Stein, the Anglo-Israeli title character of the BBC mini-series The Honourable Woman, Maggie Gyllenhaal looks like she needs a good, long nap. She enunciates each syllable carefully, draws out her sentences, slowly elongates her neck and stretches her limbs like a languid giraffe. She can’t even stand straight without clutching the rostrum, one leg crossed in front of the other as if for balance. It’s a wide-awake star turn that keeps us entertained throughout the labyrinthine turns and deceptions of the drama written, directed and produced by Hugo Blick.

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Do you have an appointment in Manila on Friday? Reset.

January 07, 2015 By: jessicazafra Category: Current Events 2 Comments →

It’s the annual procession of the Black Nazarene and 15 million people are expected to attend.

More people will surely be present at the Papal visit. We’re going North.

Update: Everyone had the same idea and the old houses at Sitio Remedios are booked. So we’re staying put.

Some days the editor in your head just won’t shut up

December 28, 2014 By: jessicazafra Category: Current Events, Music No Comments →


On the radio: “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” the latest incarnation.

– Why should they, if they have other religions?
– And barring freak occurrences, there hasn’t been snow in Africa since the Ice Age.
– What about The Snows of Kilimanjaro?
– Damn you, Ernest Hemingway.

Advertising text: “The Greatest Artisanal Achievements of the Human Hand”.

– As opposed to the artisanal achievements of the human foot.
– I know lots of artisans who’ve achieved greatness with their left nostril, not to mention their small intestine.
– To say nothing of the artist Pricasso.
– Shouldn’t most artists be named that, though?

Thank you, Kim Still Less Famous Than Kardashian

December 27, 2014 By: jessicazafra Category: Current Events, Movies No Comments →


We spent December 25 the way we did last year: hanging out with friends, coaxing Drogon out from under the furniture (sometimes he gets shy), eating leftovers (When will that lechon end?) and watching movies.

This year we saw the biggest talking point of the season: Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s The Interview. It’s stupid and hilarious! Even Juan laughed at it (he doesn’t take to stupid as well as we do)! Thank you, Kim Still Less Famous Than Kardashian, for getting us interested in a movie by making it a rallying cry for free speech. Otherwise we might’ve ignored it.

Katy Perry’s song Firework has a major role in the movie, which reminds us of another movie featuring Firework: Rust and Bone by Jacques Audiard (The Beat That My Heart Skipped, A Prophet). In the Audiard, Marion Cotillard plays a whale trainer who loses both her legs in a terrible accident. Sitting in her wheelchair, she recalls the choreography to the whale show, so whenever we hear Firework we remember that moment and our hair stands on end. (Cotillard is sublime, the only time we saw her put in a so-so performance was in the last Nolan Batman.)

Kindle a blaze in this dark world.

December 22, 2014 By: jessicazafra Category: Current Events, Movies No Comments →

It’s the Winter Solstice, which is not a mysterious super-soldier revealed to be someone from Captain America’s past, but the point at which the North Pole is tilted farthest away from the sun. Druids marks it as the sun’s “rebirth” for the New Year.

Fine, we don’t have winter here in the tropics, but we buy the Fall/Winter collections of international retail brands sold in local malls, so we can’t be sure.

To mark the Winter Solstice, here are the lyrics to the song the Princess sang in Kurosawa’s The Hidden Fortress, which all good film nerds know is the basis for Star Wars.

hidden fortress

Remember that.