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The BICEP-2 experiment redefines the cosmos. Quantum gravity, here we come.

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BICEP2 B-mode signal

We get back from vacation and immediately the brain must go from basic sentience to cosmic cramming, because the BICEP-2 experiment at the South Pole has just found something amazing. Essentially it has detected a signal from the very beginning of the universe, at the moment of inflation.

This discovery will rearrange our understanding of everything. It is probably bigger than the first contact with extraterrestrials.

We’ve been waiting for it since we saw this movie.

Read the Nature special on gravitational waves and cosmic inflation.

Albert Einstein predicted this. Read his paper outlining the basics of relativity, via io9.

The Big Bang happened. Cosmic inflation is real. Gravitational waves are real. Next: Gravitons. Next: Quantum gravity. Next: Multiverses. Next: Time Lord as a viable career.

This week, Michael Christian Martinez was tougher than the PBA.

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Read our column at InterAksyon.

Bonus: At our sister’s insistence, Conan’s interview with the Sochi PR rep.

Playing photographer

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planet hillary

If you check out Planet Hillary, the (very weird, bad science-filled) New York Times Magazine cover story about Hillary Clinton’s probably presidential campaign in 2016, look at the planetary system called The People Who Do All The Work. We took the tiiiny picture of Hillary Clinton’s press secretary, Nick Merrill. You can barely see it, but we got New York Times photo credit, yay!

This explains the Cameron Diaz car scene in The Counselor

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counselor car

The Counselor was written by Cormac McCarthy, author of Blood Meridian and No Country for Old Men. In the movie, the character played by Cameron Diaz does something to a Ferrari.

According to a news report, Cormac McCarthy’s ex-wife was arrested over the weekend for pointing a gun at her boyfriend then holstering it someplace unusual.

Thanks to Chus for the alert (Scandalosa!).

Last week’s conversations, as told by a cat

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“Which Meryl Streep movie are you? We are Heartburn. No, Plenty. Wait…Adaptation!”

“Noel is Still of the Night and Boboy is Silkwood. Juan, you are not Sophie’s Choice, more like Plenty. Ricky…Postcards From the Edge? Jon, you wish you were The French Lieutenant’s Woman, fall in line. James: Mamma Mia or The Devil Wears Prada. Michael is Out of Africa. Victor, the dingo ate your baby.”

Ban hammers at shopping malls? That might stop the Martilyo Gang, but won’t it pave the way for the Showerhead Gang or the Paperweight Gang or even the Platform Shoe Gang? Great work, Secretary Mar, let’s see you stop Thor from coming to the mall.”

“Oh no, we are not watching all the Metro Manila filmfest entries this year. Maybe 10,000 Hours, which we think of as One Year, One Month and Three Weeks.”

“Shall we open another bottle? You know what’s a great Xmas movie? Besides It’s A Wonderful Life. Besides Metropolitan. The Shop Around The Corner.”

Model: Drogon Hiddleston-Cumberbatch. Photographer: RickyV.

The winner of Tiger Test: Rebuilding Tacloban is–

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In the first of our monthly Tigerair contests, we asked readers to answer this question.


We received some very interesting answers. We like this one best because it responds directly to the most pressing needs of Tacloban’s people while making sure they play a dynamic role in their city’s recovery and transformation.

Rebuilding is a complicated process. My suggestions are for Tacloban or a similar urban area and can be implemented in the next 6 months:

1. Restore the LGU hierarchy (Mayor to Barangay) during the recovery phase (now). This is critical especially in channeling relief efforts. Having an official work-flow will prevent parallel or overlapping operations, which can cause conflicts among the providers and/or the beneficiaries.

2. The survivors must be given shelter on a selected and secure area. I prefer building bunkhouses over tent cities because bunkhouses are sturdier and more secure than tents. Bunkhouses are also conducive for restoring the dignity of the survivors, many of whom had lost everything in a traumatic way.

3. Prior to rebuilding, the services of an experienced urban planner must be acquired by the LGU to work with the City Administrator so that the city can be planned in a better manner, e.g. to ensure the balance of commercial, residential, public, and service spaces, as well as building infrastructures that will mitigate the impact of future events, such as sea walls and permanent evacuation facilities.

4. During the rebuilding itself, put the citizens to work through a cash-for-
work program. This way, those who lost their jobs have the chance to earn once again for their families; at the same time, this will give them a sense of ownership of the city because of their role in the actual rebuilding of the city.

5. Prioritization in the rebuilding must be exercised: roads first, service buildings like schools, hospitals and clinics next followed by the local government offices.

6. Similarly, a food-for-school program can also be implemented for the children of the survivors for them to return to and stay in school. For each day of school attendance of a child, his/ her household will receive a specific amount of food.

7. As the rebuilding progresses, the LGU must institutionalize a city-wide disaster response plan that will be strictly implemented as necessary. Such disaster plan must be disseminated well, supported by an education campaign so that everyone understands what to do, who to see and where to go during emergency events. Education campaigns must comprise of conducting “drills” for typhoons, earthquakes, etc., education sessions down to the barangay level, and other communication activities.

8. Rebuilding assistance of various organizations, such as Habitat for Humanity, Gawad Kalinga, and the like must be coordinated with the LGU so that their construction projects will be in compliance with the urban plan that the city has formulated.

So our winner is the boomerang kid. Congratulations, you receive a Php5,000 voucher from Tigerair Philippines that you can exchange for a round-trip ticket to any of their domestic destinations. We’ll email you instructions for collecting your prize.

The next Tiger Test will be posted on Friday. Join our Tiger Test to win free tickets to Tigerair destinations.

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