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What if we change the generational label ‘Martial Law Babies’ to ‘Disco Babies’?

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It hit us while we were watching American Hustle, which is based on events that occurred in the 1970s: What if we, the Filipinos who were born during the Marcos regime, stop calling ourselves ‘Martial Law Babies’, which is a terrible legacy we don’t enjoy being associated with, and instead, call ourselves ‘Disco Babies’, after the popular music of our childhood?

We thought of it again when we received an invitation to the UP Third World Studies Center forum entitled ‘Marcos Pa Rin! Ang mga Pamana at Sumpa ng Rehimeng Marcos’. Why must we be shackled to the Marcos regime for the rest of our lives? Are we to be defined in perpetuity by 3,000 pairs of shoes? We were children then. There are enough reminders of the martial law era (Though the public is oblivious); our generation doesn’t have to carry the label.

We hated disco when it was the only thing we could hear, but decades after its heyday we love the big-ness of it: the beats, the hair, the overtly sexual fashions. One might argue that under martial law, disco dancing was a form of protest: the oppressed asserting their freedom, on the dance floor at least.

Welcome to the Working Year

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Say it, Declan.

We had the best holiday ever. We saw only the people we wanted to see and hung out only in the places we wanted to hang out. We avoided the shopping frenzies, the eating and drinking binges, the phony cheer and guilt trips. It was so good, we’ve decided to do these things all year.

Name that movie

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Here are snippets from the themes of six movies. Can you identify the movies? (If you’ve been paying attention, three are easy.)

Here’s Benedict Cumberbatch reciting Genius by R. Kelly

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Because the world needs to hear “Imma hit that thing again” in that voice.

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A feline star is born in the new Coen Brothers movie

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Inside Llewyn Davis stars a ginger tom cat named Ulysses, who is actually several cats because cats are divas and don’t like doing retakes. Cute cat, and his human co-star’s not bad, either. Ulysses has received plaudits for his performance, particularly for that scene in the subway where he watches the signs whooshing by (and he is apparently a running theme haha). We are wary of movies featuring animal performers because we were traumatized by Old Yeller, and we especially hate movies where the animal characters are killed off just so the audience will feel something. We don’t think the Coen Brothers will torment Ulysses, but they do enjoy torturing their human characters (wood chippers, bolt guns, etc) so we can’t be sure. Nothing bad better happen to that cat. (This being a Coens movie, we’re assuming Llewyn Davis doesn’t live happily ever after.)

Here are Saffy and Mat’s horror movie auditions.

Saffy on the door
The horror!

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Architecture as a character in films

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The house in Godard’s Contempt belonged to Curzio Malaparte.



Archicine by Federico Babina in ArchDaily. via Flavorwire.

From the time we saw Brian De Palma’s woefully underrated Femme Fatale in 2002, we have been looking for this piece by Ryuichi Sakamoto. (The movie’s closing credits are no help at all.) Here it is, and of course it’s called Bolerish.