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So you think you can write

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* * * * *

The Writing Workshop participants will have an orientation at 2pm on Saturday, 23 November 2013, at the 7th floor, WSI Corporate Center, 1005 Metropolitan Avenue, Makati City. (See map)

If your first chapter is ready, please bring hard copy. If not, bring a general outline.

Publish or perish…literally.

Meet and greet, book swap and merienda on Saturday, 23 November, 4-6 pm at WSI in Makati

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With Drogon the cat, and have your picture taken with him…if he’s amenable (You can’t tell a cat what to do).

drogon and shai hulud
Drogon with his stuffed toy, Shai Hulud. Please don’t bring more toys for Drogon, he has enough. (Kibble or litter would be great, though.) In lieu of toys, what about making a donation to PAWS for their animal rescue missions in typhoon-stricken areas?


Bring books you’d like to exchange for other books, and get more books for free.

book swap
The members of our Camus Translation Group can pick up their books on Saturday.

Talk about books, cats and other things over


A treat from our lovely friends at

J.CO logo_full_Philippines white

Thank you!

See you at the 7th floor, WSI Building, 1005 Metropolitan Avenue, Makati City, near the Makati Fire Station on Saturday from 4 to 6 pm. (Here’s the map).

The Writing Workshop participants will meet at the same venue at 2pm. (Bring hard copy of your first chapter.)

If you haven’t registered yet, drop us a line in Comments. Yes, you may bring a friend (who has no phobia of cats or nerds).

Write Here, Write Now: Our workshop begins

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Saffy says: Get to work! Now!

After a long and infuriating delay, here we are. We still haven’t sealed arrangements with the sponsor, but let’s not wait any longer. These are the participants to our first writing workshop:

Gerry Cacanindin
Jovan Cerda
Butch Maddul
Allan Carreon
Michael P. De Guzman
Patrick Limcaco
Evan Tan
Jamie Ann P. Zamodio
Noel Pascual
Ryan Rivera
Reginald Tolentino
Rommel Tullao
Sharon Matienzo
Charlene Bobis
Jaime Hernandez IV
PJ Cana
Angus Miranda
Michael Co

Congratulations, you’re going to write a book! More importantly, you’re going to finish that book, and we’re going to make sure you do. (Cue lightning, thunder, maniacal laughter.)

Did we forget anyone? If we did, please send our acceptance email back to us and we’ll add you to the list, with our apologies.

Participants, please email us at and let us know whether you would prefer to start the workshop on 23 November 2013 or on 11 January 2014. We’re meeting four times within a seven-week period (Every other week, so you have enough time to finish your chapters).

And then, please send us a brief description of the book you intend to work on, and the first chapter if it’s been written.

Yes, the holidays are looming, your schedules will soon be packed, and there will be very little time for anything. Welcome to the writing life.

That writing workshop we’ve been talking about is finally going to happen.

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Chloe Grace Moretz who plays Hit Girl in Kick-Ass 2 shows off her balisong-flipping skills. She’s been training with balisong since she was 11. Train, train, train. Write, write, write. Same thing, almost.

* * * * *

We are organizing a writing workshop. A practical writing workshop, which means that by the end of the workshop participants should be well on their way to finishing their books.

If you are sure you want to write, you already know what you’re going to write (or have started working on it), and you are prepared to do the work, this could be for you. It helps if you are open to criticism (You will have to read your work to the class), are good with deadlines, and rarely or never make excuses.

If you think you want to write, have been kicking around some ideas, and will get started as soon as you find the time, think about it some more. Think very hard, and try writing something before you make your decision. We require certainty. When you’re sure, you can join the next workshop—assuming we all survive the first one.

If you’re looking for something creative to do in your spare time and are looking to unleash your inner artist, this is probably not for you. There are many creativity seminars that would better suit your purposes. We’re assuming that the people who join this workshop are already unleashing whatever monsters they’ve got.

The workshop is open to writers and translators (from English to Tagalog) of literary classics. It will be held in Makati sometime within the next two months. Each workshop will consist of four classroom-style Saturday afternoon sessions. Sessions will be held every other Saturday to give participants enough time to meet written requirements. The workshop will span 7 weeks. After the workshop we will continue to check on your progress, and we may even offer to publish your book.

We’re accepting a small number of participants. A small fee will be charged, just to make sure participants don’t blow off the workshop (Though we can waive it in cases of extreme need). To apply, send us (1) one-page resume, (2) a writing sample (or translation sample) of 1,000 words, and (3) a cover letter about the book you’re writing. Email these to, subject “Writing Workshop”, by 30 August 2013.

Do not send us your entire manuscript; we will not read anything more than 1,000 words long. And don’t follow up on your emails, we hate that.

Past winners and participants in our LitWit Challenges will be given priority, some of you have already been sent emails.

See you at boot camp.

Public Stress Relief Station

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Street artist fra.biancoshock installed an ingenious antistress station in a Milan bus shelter consisting of bubble wrap sheets in three stress relief dosages: 3 minutes, 5 minutes, and 10 minutes. via Laughing Squid

Offices could have a padded cell in which stressed-out employees can scream their lungs out, punch the wall, or break a set of cheap plates (bit more difficult with padding).

Theoretical poster for a movie that doesn’t exist…yet.

July 05, 2012 By: jessicazafra Category: Movies, Projects 4 Comments →

We wrote an ironic geek rom-com with Mike Alcazaren. It hasn’t been green-lit or cast yet, or funded, but these are the actors Mike can see in the roles. (He designed the poster; we have nothing to do with the color pink. We tried recently but it didn’t take.) Let’s just say it involves comics and Kawaii Idol. It would’ve covered tennis too but we agreed that that might be too crowded.