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Be Your Own Valentine

February 07, 2014 By: jessicazafra Category: Shopping, World Domination Update No Comments →

shirt shop

Flowers, chocolate and fabulous presents from admirers are all very well, but there’s no substitute for getting something that is distinctly You.

This Valentine’s Day, get yourself and your like-minded friends the World Domination T-shirts. The limited edition World Domination T-shirts are available in three colors and various sizes at The Library of Babel online store, Each shirt costs only Php269, plus freight charges.

Romance is thrilling, but World Domination is your destiny. Visit The Library of Babel now.

A shopping expedition to Puregold in Fairview

February 03, 2014 By: jessicazafra Category: Cats, Shopping 1 Comment →

usual puregold
The typical Puregold supermarket

Generally we hate domestic chores and do them only because we have no choice (The litterbox must be cleaned lest it turn into some new biological warfare agent), but we have always enjoyed doing the groceries. It’s not so much a chore as an anthropological expedition: we learn not just what things cost (Fancy Feast costs Php42.75 a can??), but what new products have been developed to meet market demands (People need calcium and fiber but don’t have time to prepare their own food. Voila: Oishi Oaties, milk with oats in tetrapaks), and how current trends affect manufacturing (Environmentalism and the emphasis on well-being equals more natural/organic products). Yes, it’s more fun being a nerd.

We tend to shop at whatever supermarket is closest to our house, but we’re always curious about what other stores carry. Our friends have recommended S&R for its vast selection of merchandise, but we don’t need to shop in bulk (the pack of 24 rolls of toilet paper would not fit in our cabinets), plus we can’t have too much food in the house because we will consume everything even if we’re not hungry.

puregold terraces2
The new Puregold Fairview Terraces in QC

Last week we were invited to check out the new Puregold supermarket at Fairview Terraces in QC. That’s practically cross-country from Makati, but we decided to make a field trip of it. (Make sure you are in a car with people who know all the showbiz chismis. We got all the news, hearsay and speculation on the Vhong Navarro incident.) We’ve never shopped at Puregold, but we hear that their prices are lower than their competitors’. More importantly, we were told that they had ample stocks of cat food and kitty litter.

Fairview Terraces is the new Ayala mall in Quezon City, and Puregold Fairview Terraces is the first mid-market outlet of the top supermarket chain the country.

The supermarket is shiny, brightly-lit, and welcoming, with broad aisles so you don’t accidentally run over people’s feet with your shopping cart.

There is a well-stocked Health and Nutrition section with vitamins, supplements, over-the-counter medications.

And speaking of self-medicating, a fairly impressive liquor section.

As promised, there is cat food and kitty litter. Just the basics for now, but we were assured that their range of pet supplies will grow.

palm index
The prices are lower than those of the two supermarkets we shop in. We have a personal price index for supermarkets, based on the retail cost of Palm Corned Beef. Puregold’s price is Php157.55 a can; we’ll check the other supermarkets’ prices this week.

Update: The Palm Corned Beef Price Index:
Puregold: Php157.55
Rustan’s: Php168 (But they’ve never claimed to have the lowest prices)
SM Supermarket (Thanks, wangbumaximus21): Php170-175

human nature

Human Nature products used to be available only from dealers; we’re pleased to note that supermarkets now carry them. The Human Nature shelf at Puregold Fairview Terraces is stocked with the latest from the 100% No harmful chemicals brand, including 500ml pump bottles of moisturizer with no synthetic fragrances (Yay, no headaches).

puregold terraces
If we had actual cooking skills, we would probably be impressed at the assortment of fresh produce.

Mission accomplished: Cat supplies for the whole month.

And the field trip was educational: we haven’t been north of Tomas Morato Street for so long, we just found out that the UP Integrated School campus is now the UP Town Center. Our friends graduated from a shopping mall, haha.

If Puregold opens in our neighborhood, we would totally shop there. They do have a humongous branch near our sister’s house, so we’ve convinced her to do the groceries with us.

Desirable old residences: The compound on F.B. Harrison, Pasay

December 09, 2013 By: jessicazafra Category: Design, Places, Shopping 5 Comments →

1. pasay
Yesterday we did our Desirable Old Residences Tour of Metro Manila, conducted by Rene, who has lived in or wanted to live in these buildings. Rene has a bit of a Nora Aunor complex (constantly moving house), and Noel is into interior design. We are generally indifferent to interiors—for years we slept on our couch and had sheets taped to the windows in lieu of curtains—but we enjoy hanging out with our friends.

2. artelano11
Our first stop was the large tree-lined compound on F.B. Harrison near Edsa in Pasay, the one with the red gate. We don’t know what it’s called—according to Eric Paras, whose furniture gallery Artelano 11 occupies two houses, it’s referred to as the Chinese compound. The houses are two-storey structures built in the middle of the last century, which is the romantic way of saying “50s, 60s”. When you’re in the compound you forget that you are smack in the middle of urban chaos.

These residences are so desirable that a hotel is reportedly leasing five houses to turn into tourist accommodations.

3. floor

Look at those machuca tiles. Our Sunday snooping quickly turned into an Xmas shopping expedition. No more wading into the mall for last-minute presents at the peak of the holiday rush hahaha!

4. birdcage

This birdcage should be eight feet tall. Then you could hire a naked male model to sit in it, and occasionally pelt him with birdseed.

6. handles
5. spider china

A-11 has plenty of inexpensive china pieces (A set of 6 saucers for Php300), such as this plate with a spider design. This plate is perfect for that someone you hate but still have to give a present to (co-worker, in-law, etc), who happens to be arachnophobic. Imagine serving them a nice pudding on this plate, watching them enjoy it, and then seeing them freak out as the spider emerges from under the sauce…

“If you hate them, then don’t give them anything,” Juan pointed out later.

“You’re not cooperating!”

7. bookends
8. bookshelf

Bookends for book lovers and an off-kilter bookshelf for off-kilter book lovers.

9. black mirror

These are black mirrors. On May Day Eve, says the story by Nick Joaquin, take a candle and go into a dark room that has a mirror in it. You will see either the man you will marry, or the devil.

Approach the mirror with your candle and say, “Mirror, mirror, show to me him whose woman I will be.” And our hand will shoot out of the mirror and slap you. “You really want to be someone’s property? Gaga!”

The black mirrors are gorgeous but cost more than the crazy bookshelf.

10. insiang

And here’s a great gift for Lino Brocka fans: an old-fashioned flatiron (plantsa). Not only an excellent conversation piece (We don’t know how to iron clothes), but a wonderful prop for reenactments of the climax of Insiang starring Hilda Koronel and Mona Lisa.

Artelano 11 is at 2680 F.B. Harrison St, Pasay City, telephone (02)832.9972, email

Next: North Syquia and the MacArthur Suite at Manila Hotel. By the way, if there is anyone living at Rosaria reading this, could you let us into the building? We hear it’s fabulous and we just want to have a look. One does not simply walk into Rosaria, one must be invited, but unlike vampires we promise to exsanguinate no one.

This week in earrings

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Marlu found these earrings in Cebu, made by a company called Avatar. Our favorite is the pair of recycled NYC subway tokens.


These paper bead earrings are made by the staff of the BenCab Museum in Baguio, where they are sold. We requested unmatched pairs.


Our friends say this ring design is Egyptian; we think it’s Elven. Ramon found it at a bazaar.


These Yakan weave earrings were available at the Likhang Habi Textile Fair last November, where Rene got them.

The Handmade Sale

September 11, 2013 By: jessicazafra Category: Clothing, Shopping No Comments →

black+gold fabric
red fabric

Abel iloko fabrics, handwoven in Ilocos Norte, Php650 per yard. Inquiries: Rene,

pink bedcover

Queen-size abel iloko bed covers, Php6000 each. If that seems steep, compare with other dealers. Inquiries:

Frying pan or handy iron club?

September 10, 2013 By: jessicazafra Category: Food, Shopping 2 Comments →

saffy with pan

To Saffy it’s a snack dish. To us it’s a handy weapon to have around the house—nice weight, good balance, easy to grasp, made of good old iron. To people with culinary skills, it’s a tiny Mineral B Element iron frying pan by De Buyer, manufacturer of cooking and pastry utensils since 1830. It is has an organic beeswax-based protective finish with no chemicals or coating added, and has natural nonstick properties.


De Buyer, Kuhn Rikon, knIndustrie, Shun, Swiss Diamond, Mori, Barazzoni, Rosle, Spring and other cookware brands that cause gastronomes, epicures, and culinary folk to hyperventilate with lust are now available at KitchenWorks on the lower ground level, East Wing, Shangri-La Mall, Mandaluyong.


KitchenWorks had a media launch last week—what we were doing there we have no idea, we are useless around the kitchen, but those are the most beautiful pots and pans we’ve ever seen.