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Venganza! On Oberyn Martell, the World Cup, and Jose Rizal’s library

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We know nothing about the teams battling it out in the football World Cup (except that the Italian, Spanish and Croatian teams look fabulous). But when we heard that Spain, which had lost to the Netherlands 1-5 (Was Iker asleep?), was up against Chile, we decided we were rooting for Chile. Because Pedro Pascal who played the Red Viper Oberyn Martell of Dorne is Chilean! And used his father’s accent in the role (He himself has lived in New York for ages). The Red Viper did not make much of an impression on us when we read A Song of Ice and Fire, but with Pascal in the role (and Benioff-Weiss speeding up the story), whoa!

And Chile kicked defending champion Spain out of the World Cup, 2-0. As Butch texted: Spain eliminated on Rizal’s birthday. Venganza!

Which reminded us that today is Jose Rizal’s birthday. Yikes, we had forgotten. Why is it that we mark his death rather than his birth?

What do the Red Viper and our national hero have in common? Venganza! Oberyn Martell did it through mortal combat with The Mountain (Finish him off now! Get away from that–oh yucch), Rizal’s mysterious Simoun planned to do it with some nitroglycerine in a lamp shaped like a pomegranate.

This being Jose Rizal’s birthday, we looked up the list of the books he owned in Under Three Flags: Anarchism and the Colonial Imagination by Benedict Anderson. The library that Rizal brought back from Europe included books by the following authors.

Francois-Rene de Chateaubriand (Was the steak named after him?)
Alphonse Daudet
Alexandre Dumas pere (5) – Of course, El Filibusterismo being heavily inspired by the revenge classic The Count of Monte Cristo.
Victor Hugo – Everyone read Les Miserables; today everyone sings the songs.
Alain-Rene Lesage
Eugene Sue (10), author of sensational novels that dealt with social ills
Emile Zola (4)

Edward Bulwer-Lytton of “It was a dark and stormy night” infamy
Daniel Defoe – Robinson Crusoe?
Charles Dickens – Of course, but which one.
William Makepeace Thackeray – Vanity Fair, we suppose.

E.T.A. Hoffman – Fantasy and horror author

Alessandro Manzoni – I promessi sposi

Douwes Dekker

Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra – Don Quixote, we presume.

Anderson points out that these authors had been mentioned in Rizal’s letters: (Hans Christian) Andersen, (Honore de) Balzac, Johann Peter Hebel, and (Jonathan) Swift. Rizal also had access to the library of Trinidad Pardo de Tavera, in whose house in Paris he had been a guest for several months.

This week, Michael Christian Martinez was tougher than the PBA.

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Read our column at InterAksyon.

Bonus: At our sister’s insistence, Conan’s interview with the Sochi PR rep.

Get podcast episode 10: Geeking out on sports

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Our guest is Jaemark Tordecilla, sports editor ( and blogger (Fire Quinito). Listen to or download the podcast here. You can also subscribe to the podcast via iTunes.

For this week’s podcast quiz we’re giving away a copy of A Hologram for the King by Dave Eggers.

A Hologram for the King is available at National Bookstores.

During the interview Jaemark cites several things about Philippine sports that have to change. Name three of them. Post your answers in Comments.

* * * * *

The winners of last week’s quiz (You need to read Chang-Rae Lee) are scientist, nativereader, rusticrouge, sunflowii and jaime. Please post your full names (They won’t be published) in Comments and we’ll alert you when your prizes are ready.

Update: The bookstore has had to reorder copies of The Surrendered by Chang-Rae Lee. Good for reading, annoying for our winners who will now have to wait for their books. Apologies. If you post your Philippine addresses, we can send them to you via Air21 when they arrive. Thank you.

Update on the update: The shipment from Penguin was delayed due to Sandy, but the books should get here within the month. We will send them to you as soon as we get them (assuming you gave us your local addresses). Thanks for waiting.

* * * * *

That’s it for the first season of the weekly podcast. We’ll be back in one month.

Two Geeky Girls report: Team Phil the clear winner in football friendly

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Team Phil

We sent stellalehua and brewhuh23 to cover the Clear football game yesterday. Here’s brewhuh’s attempt at serious sports reportage, with photos by Angela Lauchengco.

Stellalehua and I waded through the rains and weekend traffic to watch the Clear Dream Match football friendlies at the University of Makati football stadium yesterday. Clear shampoo pitted all-star teams led by local football superstar siblings Phil and James Younghusband for the benefit of Tuloy Foundation.

Before the kickoff, prizes were given away to lucky audience members. By the time we got there almost every seat had been filled, fans were getting ready with their banners and cheers, and the players were warming up on the sidelines.

Team James

As both teams ran onto the field I couldn’t help but wonder if commemorative calendars of the players would be available and where I should line up for them. Phil and James selected their lineups from the players who received the most votes on Clear’s facebook page. The rosters included Azkals, members of local football clubs, athletes from other sports, and showbiz personalities.

It had rained an hour before the match so the pitch was wet and muddy. This prompted some of the fans to comment that the next sponsors for the football friendlies should be a detergent powder. In the first few minutes of the first half we saw Phil Younghusband slip/dive onto the glop, much to the delight of his female fans. The larger percentage of the female population at UMak were rooting for Phil’s team, and it almost cost us our eardrums.

Pick the Dream Team, then cover the match.

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Top (L-R): Fr. Rocky of the Tuloy Foundation, Andrew Wolff, Marvin Kiefer, Slick Rick, Daniel Matsunaga, Phil Younghusband, James Younghusband, Anton Del Rosario, Armand Del Rosario, Patrick Deyto. Bottom (L-R): Rick Olivares, Steven Silva, Paolo Bediones, Mikko Mabanag, Yannick Tuason, Tony Toni, John Imperial (CLEAR Brand Manager).

On August 25 at the University of Makati, two teams composed of Philippine Azkals, United Football League (UFL) players, athletes from other sports, university players and celebrities will participate in the first-ever CLEAR Dream Match for the benefit of Tuloy sa Don Bosco Foundation. The two teams will be captained by national football players James and Phil Younghusband, and their members are up to you.

Go to to see the pool of 50 players who are available for the Dream Match. Vote for your favorite players. The players who get the most votes will be drafted into the two teams.

THEN if you’d like to play sports correspondent, post your selection in Comments below.

We’re looking for two correspondents to cover the match for us. If you are selected, you will receive a ticket to the Dream Match and an access pass so you can talk to and photograph your favorite players. (Obviously this gig is not for the shy, retiring type.)

So select your team and tell us about it. Our two correspondents will be announced the week before the CLEAR Dream Match. Go.

Bonus mystery question: James or Phil?

Gary Oldman tells athletes-turned-actors where to stuff it.

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via Flavorwire.

We love you, Gary Oldman.