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Gary Oldman tells athletes-turned-actors where to stuff it.

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via Flavorwire.

We love you, Gary Oldman.

So Manny Pacquiao lost.

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Us talking to a bro. Lines with “R” and check mark ours.

In a decision that had the unexpectedness of a Pacquiao punch, two of three judges awarded the bout to Timothy “Desert Storm” Bradley.

1. You are furious.

1.1. You have every reason to be furious. Boxing experts are unanimous in pointing out that Pacquiao was in control throughout the 12 rounds. He landed twice as many punches. Bradley fought as well as he could, but he was clearly outclassed.

1.2. So let it all out. Vent before you melt into a puddle of rage.

1.2.1. !@#$%^&*() Are you ****ing blind?? Pacquiao beat him like a
g*d*m* drum! Were you m****rf***ing idiots watching the replay of the basketball?

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Best sports piece we’ve read in ages: The Tao of Poo by David Fleming. It’s about poop in sports.(via BoingBoing)

The Public vs Arnold Clavio vs the Azkals: Sexist, Racist, or Lookist?

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Could it be that the reaction to Arnold Clavio’s statement is so passionate because he’s…uhh…because he umm…because he doesn’t look like the Azkals?

To take Clavio’s side would imply that you look more like Arnold Clavio than Phil Younghusband or Neil Etheridge.

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Random conversations: Monday

December 05, 2011 By: jessicazafra Category: Movies, Sports besides Tennis, Technology, Traveling 9 Comments →

Tech/travel news

– Heard about the 2 BlackBerry executives who were so unruly on a Toronto-Beijing flight, the pilot had to turn the plane around? Lost 18 hours. They should’ve tasered the two.

– Company is in trouble. Probably explains the drinking.

– And we’re having this conversation on BBM.

Sports via text

David Beckham visited a shelter for street children in Manila. Photo from Unicef. Sweet of him. We’re still not into the tattoos or the hair product.

– Pogi ba talaga si Becks?

– Tangkad. Pero kaya pala laging long sleeves, puro tats. Kadiri. Eurotrash.

Entertainment via email

– Why are there two Snow White movies? One with Julia Roberts and the other with Charlize Theron. Oscar winners playing the evil stepmother. Oh dear, Kristin Stewart’s mono-expression is in the Charlize Theron version. Waaaaaahhhhhh!

– Nagkopyahan. Hindi naman siya ang titingnan natin kundi si Chris Hemsworth. Thor vs Winklevii!

– Sa bagay. Ang ganda ni Winklevii hahaha. Makikita ko na naman ang abs ni Chris Hemsworth!

Azkals of the Himalayas

October 19, 2011 By: jessicazafra Category: Clothing, Movies, Sports besides Tennis 10 Comments →

Don’t ask us why we always end up in the company of jocks—it’s not entirely by choice (Think Fremen encountering Sardaukar) but we’re not complaining. Our friend Jay Lozada was doing make-up for the Due/Collezione fashion show at the Peninsula Manila yesterday. We needed a place to sit and write a column so we invited ourselves to Rhett Eala’s suite.

James and Phil Younghusband of the Philippine national football team the Azkals are the endorsers of Collezione C2. “They’re wonderful endorsers,” says Due/Collezione designer Rhett Eala, “very supportive of the brand.”

We noticed from his running commentary while the Chevy Chase movie Fletch was on TV that James knows a lot about movies. He is watching the TV series Walking Dead. Phil was pleased at his Meralco team’s 15-1 victory over Team Socceroo. He made 7 goals. (When Jay mentioned that the Azkals were playing the Brazilians we fell out of our seats. What he meant was that Meralco, whose lineup includes Azkals, was playing Socceroo, whose lineup includes Brazilian models. Ah.)

According to Rhett the Collezione C2 Holiday Collection is inspired by the Himalayas. They’ve been on his mind since his friends went trekking in Bhutan. And recently he saw the Michael Palin TV series Himalaya again. (No, he has not seen Lost Horizon recently. Last Song Syndrome: Living together, growing together…)

The result of the Himalayan fixation: plenty of outfits in olive and neutral colors, with bursts of orange. They look like clothes for cold weather, but they’re in light fabrics like cotton and linen.

Guest models Anton del Rosario and Nathan Burkey of the Azkals walked the ramp in dropped crotch pants. During the preparations there was some discussion over whether they were supposed to smile or look serious (Blue Steel/Le Tigre). During the show my seatmate noted that all the male models looked like it was a terrific hassle and all the female models looked like they were angry at us. Ah, fashion.

Will the average Filipino guy take to dropped crotch pants? We’d like to know. We can tell you they’re more aesthetically pleasing than huge baggy pants worn so low you see butt cracks. These pants look like a cross between skinny jeans and the harem pants of the M.C. Hammer era. (LSS: Dun dun dun dun can’t touch this.)

James looks like a schoolboy who’s wandered off during a class field trip in Tibet.

Phil’s trousers would not work on a guy with hips.

Good work, Rhett and the Due/Collezione team, and thanks for the vodka! The Holiday Collection is now available at the Due stores in Rockwell, Eastwood and Greenbelt 5, and at the many Collezione C2 outlets.

You have to see Black Narcissus, the 1947 film by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger about British nuns in the Himalayas.

Brewhuh and Momelia meet the Azkals

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It was pointed out to me that all the media attention is focused on the foreign-based mestizo players in the Azkals and we seldom hear about the Philippine-based players. True–for our part we only pay attention to the goalkeeper. So I asked Roby at to set up an interview with the Azkals, specifically the indios like myself.

Roby gave me the number of a contact person and said the Azkals would playing a match at the University of Makati. I could speak to them after the game. Oh no, I thought, not in the mood to wade into shrieking crowd. I want to sit down somewhere quiet and comfortable, have a coffee and talk about their lives (Not likely to happen).

So I asked Brewhuh and Momelia to go in my place. Turns out that the game at UMak was between the Army and Air Force football clubs so only four of the locally-based Azkals were there. And there was no shrieking crowd.

But Momelia and Brewhuh got the job done. Thanks, girls! The interview is in

Here’s Momelia with Azkals co-captain Chieffy Caligdong. Momelia also compared tattoos with Chieffy’s coach.