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“Easiest to use design program” launches Asian operations in Manila

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Report by Deo Giga


Canva is a free online design platform that launched in the Philippines on 8 August. The Australian company, whose roots go back to 2007, has established its Asian hub by opening an office in Manila where it focuses on graphic design, marketing, and customer service. Asked why the company chose the Philippines, CEO Melanie Perkins said, “Filipinos have a strong design aesthetic and tend to be early adopters of new technology.” She herself is a quarter Filipino.

Canva CEO Melanie Perkins

Anyone can use the platform and the free images and illustrations available in its library for various projects: from business cards to Twitter posts, photo collages, documents, presentations and invitations, even Facebook ads, real estate flyers and—for writers publishing their ebooks—Kindle covers. You can also design a cover for a physical book.

Canva is also hiring. Professional designers are welcome to contribute designs; every time their designs are used, they earn a royalty. (Visit for more details.)

If the real Roger Federer follows Not Roger Federer on Twitter, would it tear a hole in the fabric of space-time?

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And our favorite:

We are not on Twitter.

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saffy disapproves


This site has a Facebook page maintained by our friends at Fuentes Manila.

We are antisocial.

In case there is any confusion.

The Philippines leads the world in social media use. But you already knew that.

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They forgot seamen. Seafarers.

Zoom-able version at Doghouse Diaries. via io9.

The Antisocial Network at last

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Hell is Other People: Walk One from Scott Garner on Vimeo.

via The Daily Dot.

Of course if one were really antisocial she would not join any social networks at all.

You are what you shoot

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Breakfast still-life by Pieter Claez

Instagramming Your Food May Signal Bigger Problem, Researcher Says.

Doing research on how Instagramming your food may signal a bigger problem is an even bigger problem.

And devoting space to an article about research on how Instagramming your food may signal a bigger problem is the biggest problem.

So there are people who feel compelled to share every detail of their daily lives as if the rest of the world gives a flying fig about their digestive systems. How does the media deal with this? By giving a flying fig. Try harder, people, you’ve got nothing.

That said, it is rude to delay meals by taking pictures of the food on the table. You can spend as much time as you want photographing your own food, but lay off our plate.