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Time for an intervention

June 30, 2011 By: jessicazafra Category: Fame, Movies 1 Comment →

There are lines from the movies that creep into our everyday speech. When someone acts all-knowing, not because he knows shit but because he has internet access, I like to quote the first line from Rutger Hauer’s famous monologue in Blade Runner.

When something is wrong, it’s more dramatic to quote Obi-Wan Kenobi than to just say “Something is wrong.”


Not your usual fashion problem. . .

June 29, 2011 By: jessicazafra Category: Design, Technology No Comments →

unless you live in medieval times. Fortunately I knew exactly whom to turn to for help.

This is a Nokia C7. The great thing about it is that you can take the SIM out and replace it without having to turn off the phone.

Vampire-killing priests and the RH Bill

June 29, 2011 By: jessicazafra Category: Movies 5 Comments →

Draft in my handwriting. If I’m not rushed I like to write out the draft in my notebook. This way when I type it onto my computer I can edit at the same time. If I’m rushed I write on the computer directly, although I have written articles on mobile phones. Usually if the piece is important to me I do a handwritten draft. It’s easier to collect your thoughts and organize them on paper. On a computer there are too many distractions—you spend an extra three hours googling things at random.

Read Vampire-Killing Priests and the RH Bill, my review of Priest, in

A poster at last! Now to confirm the playdates.

June 28, 2011 By: jessicazafra Category: Movies 2 Comments →

The English title should be Zombitches 1: Scare Remington To Death!

“Baka tuhugin mo ang lahat ng muchacho dito”: We look at Joey Gosiengfiao’s Nympha.

June 28, 2011 By: jessicazafra Category: Movies 3 Comments →

This, uh, review first appeared in Today and is collected in Twisted Flicks. Click on the image to enlarge.


Most sosyal iPad case

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It says Yes I have an iPad, so what.

Also, you can work with the case on.