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Make a digital presentation explaining Game of Thrones and win a limited edition Thrones Moleskine

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I couldn’t wait for the notebooks to arrive in stores so when reader haciendera said they were available at Changi Airport, I asked a friend to get them for me. My friend does not watch GoT (He has other qualities so we’ll let him live). Help me explain it to him.

Send me a presentation explaining the show (We don’t need to hear how it diverges from the books), in PowerPoint, Flash or any format (handmade diagrams allowed). Email it to, or if the file is too big, send me a link to your site. The best presentations will get the Game of Thrones Moleskines when they arrive at National Bookstore.

Notebooks are coming. We do not jest.

The Game of Thrones limited edition Moleskines are coming.

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To introduce the line, they recreated the show’s opening credits.

How they made it using 750 photos and 7,600 paper cutouts.

The result

Night gathers, and now my watch (at the bookstore) begins.

11.22.63: James Franco goes back in time to save JFK

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From Chris Marker’s sublime short film La Jetée to James Cameron’s Terminator, from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure to Back to the Future, time travelers have been finding that you can’t just go back to the past to correct the present. You end up with a whole new set of problems. The latest to grapple with these complexities is Jake Epping, a high school English teacher who is convinced to go back to the Sixties in order to stop the assassination of John F. Kennedy. As Epping is portrayed by James Franco, this comes with special circumstances. When Franco’s character emerges in the Sixties, won’t strangers accost him on the street to ask for James Dean’s autograph? And which James Franco will show up: the performance artist who churns out endless versions of himself, the disinterested emcee at the Oscars, or the amazingly empathetic actor who made us feel like our own arms were being sawed off in 127 Hours?

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Vinyl: When rock and roll ruled the world

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The two-hour premiere is actually the newest film by Martin Scorsese, and it feels a lot like Goodfellas. A grisly murder is committed, a body is stuffed in the trunk and driven to the suburbs, and when the trunk is slammed you expect someone to look at the camera and say, “As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to have a record label.” Then the murder is mostly forgotten and we’re back in the music business in 1973.

What can we say about the Scorsese style that has not been said before? It’s all there: the restless camera, the rhythm of childhood asthma and cocaine, the all-consuming intensity. It can give you a bit of a headache, and the first time I saw the premiere I did not know what to make of it. It looks fantastic, the dialogue is hilarious and the attention to detail is insane, but why? What for? Then it occurred to me that it doesn’t have to mean anything. Do we look to “Jumping Jack Flash” for the meaning of life? No. We’re here for the feeling of being alive. Rock and roll!


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Daredevil vs The Punisher, Elektra, Foggy and everyone in Season 2

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In the first few episodes Jon Bernthal makes us think the show is called Marvel’s The Punisher.

DAREDEVIL, the vigilante of Hell’s Kitchen, New York, is not the biggest badass in this season of the Netflix series that bears his name. He’s not even the second. More like the fourth or fifth. However you may feel about comic book adaptations — and there are people who will not watch comic book adaptations because they have fixed notions about grown-up behavior — you will find yourself agreeing that Daredevil has the best and most brutal fight scenes in the business. They’re not just cleverly choreographed (by Philip J. Silvera) or wonderfully photographed (by Martin Ahlgren) or thrillingly edited, they look like they hurt.

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Season 6 is coming: T minus 20

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We were snoozing through Batman v Superman when Jason Momoa appeared, waking us up for 30 seconds. Even as an email attachment.