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Watch Sesame Street’s brilliant House of Cards parody

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This parody is more nuanced than its subject.

We’re doing House of Cards in our TV column on Friday.

Outlander: The female gaze arrives on TV.

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outlander poster

(Accidental time-traveller) Claire is rescued by Dougal Mackenzie (Graham McTavish), who leads a band of Scots from Clan Mackenzie, and it should be noted that this is one of very few times she is rescued. The rest of the time she lives by her wits, and since you can’t just tell people you fell through time and landed in the past, she makes up a story about being a widow on her way to France. Not only is Claire not a damsel in distress, but her habit of speaking her mind often gets her into trouble. She quickly demonstrates her abilities as healer, ministering to the injured Jamie (Sam Heughan), Dougal’s nephew and the very definition of “strapping”.

Let us now have a moment of silence for Starz for bringing us Sam Heughan. Heughan had auditioned for the role of Loras Tyrell in Game of Thrones (the late Renly Baratheon’s lover), and he does resemble the Knight of Flowers but looks more fetching in a kilt.

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Win sets of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series in our forthcoming LitWit Challenge. And while we’re waiting for the books to arrive, someone form the local chapter of the Heughligans. We’d nominate Lola as president, but when she was president of a university org she nearly got impeached, so someone else has to plan the field trip to Scotland. Nominate yourself!

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Update: We were wondering why this column seemed to get more attention than usual (like, 3 shares) when Carmina pointed out that the link was tweeted by @SamHeughan. Thanks.

Vikings: The domestic lives of ancient marauders

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Photo from the History Channel

Vikings is a production of the History Channel, so we’re inclined to think that this series about the rise of the legendary chief Ragnar Lothbrok is concerned with historical accuracy and authenticity. On the other hand its creator and showrunner is Michael Hirst, whose previous projects The Tudors and The Borgias can hardly be accused of accuracy. The court of King Henry VIII may have been as sexy as depicted in The Tudors, but the famed portrait by Hans Holbein shows that the monarch’s calves were larger than the waist of Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, who portrayed Henry.

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Cumberbatches decline to whore out wedding; media reduced to reporting fan reactions.

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Ha ha ha! Try journalism.

Martin Freeman was said to have been best man, aww. So they’d already rehearsed it, just switched roles.

The Jon Snow-Arya-Tyrion love triangle and the original plan for GRRM’s Westeros epic

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Spoilers aplenty! But the plots changed so they no longer happen…or do they? We want to know if George R.R. Martin has a huge empty warehouse whose walls are dotted with Post-Its detailing the relationships in his expanding fictional universe.

Arya Stark and Jon Snow fall in love and are tormented by their passion–always the incest angle huh, George? Tyrion Lannister is not a dwarf, Sansa Stark marries Joffrey “Baratheon”, Robb Stark and Joffrey meet in battle, Catelyn Stark is killed by the Others and Jaime Lannister becomes king.

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Gotham: Killing time until Batman finishes school

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We have seen philanthropists Thomas and Martha Wayne gunned down in an alley so many times that at this point, we are Bruce Wayne. Wayne, the orphan billionaire who, fueled by his bottomless rage, puts on a mask and tights and fights criminals. Not ordinary thugs and maniacs, but kooks with their own traumas and outrageous behavior patterns, and fashion choices to match.

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