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The Rains of Castamere by Sigur Ros is a soundtrack for your waking dreams

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Anything we have to say about Game of Thrones at this point will contain spoilers, so let’s not speak of it at all.

The Icelandic band Sigur Ros can make anything sound haunting. They make us want to learn Icelandic (Lolo Tolkien would be pleased). Here they take the Lannister song The Rains of Castamere and turn it into the kind of music you hear in those prophetic dreams whose details you can never remember when you wake up. (We recommend listening to Sigur Ros while visiting tropical islands in blazing sunshine. It makes for an amazing contrast.)

Hey, today’s theme is dragons.

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Look, here’s a short film with music by Sigur Ros in which Aidan Gillen (Lord Baelish, who has a larger role this season) meets a fox.

Surrender, killers, Chloe Sevigny is on the case

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There are probably too many serial killer crime shows on television. They all have protagonists who possess a special understanding of the serial killer mind, as if they went through high school illustrating that quote from Nietzsche on the backs of their binders (“When you look into the abyss, the abyss also looks into you”), then majored in Monster Psych in college. The current shows range from excellent (The Fall, True Detective), to amazing-looking (Hannibal), to stupid (The Following). Someday soon we will get sick of all these shows, but for now we are watching the new A&E series Those Who Kill.

From the title we may glean that it is not about girls looking for love in the big city. Those Who Kill is the American version of the Danish crime series based on the novels of Elsebeth Egholm—the Scandinavians seem to own the bleak existential crime genre. Our primary reason for watching Those Who Kill: Chloe Sevigny. We love her. Cast her as a relentless police detective with personal issues, and you know she will be a fabulous relentless police detective with personal issues.

In Those Who Kill, Chloe plays homicide detective Catherine Jensen, who slouches as if Juergen Teller were in the immediate vicinity. In the first episode, she correctly deduces that a serial killer is at work, and she asks forensic psychologist Thomas Schaeffer for advice on how to catch him. In an interesting bit of casting, Schaeffer is played by James D’Arcy, who was Psycho star Anthony Perkins in Hitchcock. Schaeffer has been at odds with the police department because of his unorthodox methods, etc, etc, you’ve seen this before. What sets it apart from the dozens of shows in its category are the sparky interplay between Jensen and Schaeffer, and the glimpses into Jensen’s troubled childhood, which may account for her fascination with monsters. Put it this way: people do not slice themselves for laughs. In the second episode we expect to meet Jensen’s stepfather (Bruce Davison), who may hold the key to the disappearance of her brother at age 16.

After the thrilling first episode, the challenge is to find villains who are freakier than Chloe, who can scare you just by removing all expression from her face. We’re such fans of Chloe, we even love fake Chloe.

Those Who Kill airs every Thursday at 9pm on JackCity—channel 31 on free TV, 72 on SkyCable , 60 on Destiny, 40 on Cable Link, and 22 on Cignal.

The week in spectacles: Daria or Dexter’s Laboratory?

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We’ve never worn contact lenses because we love our spectacles too much. When we started wearing them in grade school they were a hassle. In high school we hated them because they kept sliding off our oil-slick face, which was not the fault of the glasses but of our face. In college we were indifferent to them, although they provided a great excuse for not seeing the people we didn’t want to see. Then we met Nella Sarabia, and she made us love our spectacles. She got us hooked on vintage frames, and eyeglasses became not just a necessity to us, but a personal signature.


We find our eyeglass frames everywhere—the sidewalks of Seoul, the night markets of Taipei, and Brooklyn thrift shops are excellent sources, designer boutiques when they’re having big sales, and friends who spot strange eyewear on their trips get them for us. Then we take the frames to Nella’s shop at UP Diliman, where she replaces the lenses with our prescription lenses. Designs for sunglasses are usually more adventurous than regular spectacles, but some are too flimsy for our prescription lenses. Nella says to check the plastic frames for metal supports—those are more durable.

Last Saturday we brought our recent acquisitions to Nella, and by Wednesday morning they were ready to wear.

This large cat’s eye frame in tortoise shell (plastic, actually) was a present from our friend Anna.

daria glasses
Ten dollar round metal frames from a sidewalk vendor in Seoul, in the style of
Daria fan art

Nella Sarabia’s Optical Shop is at Unit 39 of the UP Shopping Center in Diliman, QC (near Kalayaan Dorm). Call (02)4355685 to make an appointment.

This is a suit.

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by Giorgio Armani Made to Measure

Everybody Wants A Piece of Peter Dinklage

This week, Michael Christian Martinez was tougher than the PBA.

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Read our column at InterAksyon.

Bonus: At our sister’s insistence, Conan’s interview with the Sochi PR rep.

Things to get yourself for Valentine’s Day, part 2

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Our Philippine Eagle toy arrived yesterday in its own drawstring bag. It’s a good-looking bird.


- Hello, I am Jeffrey, short for Pithecophaga jefferyi.


- I’m Drogon! You’re a funny-looking creature. What are you?
- I’m a Philippine Eagle!


- What’s a Philippine Eagle?
- A giant forest raptor endemic to the Philippines.


- A raptor? Like in Jurassic Park?
- Well we are descended from dinosaurs.
- But you look like a bird.
- I am a bird. Did you know some dinosaurs had feathers?


- Do you taste like chicken? I love chicken! Can I eat you?
- No. You may not eat me. I am rare and critically endangered.
- Oh. Wanna play?
- Okay!


- When I grow up I’ll kick your ass.
- When I grow up I’ll have dragonfire.
- Eagles eat small mammals in the wild.
- We’re not in the wild.

Get your adorable Philippine Eagle stuffed toy at The Library of Babel today. Retail price: Php699 plus shipping to the known world. Your purchase helps fund the Philippine Eagle Foundation, which is dedicated to saving this endangered species and its rainforest habitat.

* * * * *

8. Dove yourself. Good skin and hair care doesn’t require huge expense; the trusted brand is available in supermarkets everywhere. We especially recommend it to people who get headaches or break out from strong (masangsang) scents. Go buy yourself a whole lot of Dove products—they’ll still fall under Basic Necessities.

9. Cheap date with yourself! Note: Cheap is bad only if your date is paying. If you’re paying, it’s great.

Oishi products in the giant pack
First, buy your favorite Oishi snacks.

Then curl up with Season 3 of BBC’s Sherlock. It’s not just a show, it’s leverage in negotiations with China. (Read Chinese Sherlock Fans Asked David Cameron to Make Producers Hurry Up.)

Baked Porky Popps, Holmes and Watson. Happy.

10. Write.

You can never have too many beautiful notebooks. To justify acquiring them, you’ll just have to write more. The Pantone Artist and Writer’s Notebook from Chronicle Books features a Pantone color chip on every page. Thick cardboard covers, perfect binding, smooth white paper. The notebook measures 7 x 9 inches and retails at Php897 at National Bookstores. (We have a book moratorium; we didn’t say anything about stationery hahahaha.)