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Basic Questions for the Presidential Candidates

September 30, 2015 By: jessicazafra Category: Current Events, Election News Junkies Support Group No Comments →

1. Traffic is the most visceral issue in Metro Manila. Number coding and changing the agency in charge of managing the traffic have not worked and are not going to work. The MRT and LRT should’ve made a big difference, but they are so badly, ineptly run that they aggravate the problem. Even if the bus operators are somehow made to cooperate, the Bus Rapid Transport system that has been proposed since the 1980s is not going to make a dent because hundreds of new cars further clog the streets every month. What are you going to do about the traffic? What are you going to do about the road infrastructure? (And if the head of the Department of Transportation and Communications, who has not only failed dismally at addressing traffic congestion but has callously dismissed the daily distress of motorists and commuters as “non-fatal”, also happens to be the head of your political party, are you going to keep him in that position?)

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Slam via spam: “Outing” the candidates

April 17, 2013 By: jessicazafra Category: Current Events, Election News Junkies Support Group, Sex No Comments →

Text spam is so much spicier during campaign season. Apart from the real estate offers from people you don’t know, and award notifications from raffles you never joined (Apparently I just won a brand-new car and P350,000, and stand to lose more if I am stupid enough to call their number), there are anonymous messages commending or attacking certain candidates. This spam from last week is so clever, it requires a second reading to determine whether it is praising or slamming the candidate.

“Friends, suportahan natin ang kafatid nating si ______! # ___ sa balota. At huwag kalimutan, Ang Ladlad #28 sa party list!”

What does it mean?

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Young Barack in love

May 03, 2012 By: jessicazafra Category: Books, Election News Junkies Support Group 2 Comments →

Barack Obama in Central Park, 1981. Photo from

Interesting piece in Vanity Fair about Barack Obama’s relationships with two ex-girlfriends, one of whom allowed her journals to be used in a biography of the American president.

This bit jumped out at us.

The routine with Barack was now back and forth, mostly his place, sometimes hers. When she told him that she loved him, his response was not “I love you, too” but “thank you”—as though he appreciated that someone loved him. The relationship still existed in its own little private world.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that when you say “I love you” to another person, the reply you don’t want to hear is “Thank you.”

Holiday present for a politician

December 18, 2009 By: jessicazafra Category: Current Events, Election News Junkies Support Group, Shopping 4 Comments →

I’m a big fan of Pilot writing instrument—started using the V5 sign pen 15 years ago, and these days I always carry at least three Pilot VBall 0.5 pens. Today at the Pilot counter I saw this:

Eraseable pen 1

A Pilot Frixion pen with eraseable ink! Just rub the plastic tip against the writing and it vanishes.

Eraseable pen 2

The Pilot Frixion 0.7 retails for P77.00.

This is the perfect present for politicians who like to disavow any knowledge of their own deeds. It’s easier to erase a signature than a witness.

By the way, thanks to the Commission on Elections for enlightening us as to the real qualification for elective office: Money. Not principles or ideas or an actual program of action, just money. Well, “winnability”. Which is another way of saying, “Money!” Now we are rid of our silly illusions.

Good Idea: Vet the candidates

August 13, 2009 By: jessicazafra Category: Current Events, Election News Junkies Support Group 13 Comments →

Good Ideas
Saffy and Mat have already had their shots, thank you.

Not take them to the veterinarian, though some of the prospective candidates for the 2010 presidential elections sound like they could use a rabies shot. I mean put them through a critical examination: who are they, what have they got to offer, why are they running for president, why should we believe them, and other questions that are strangely left out of their campaign ads. Let’s start with their campaign ads. What are they saying, do you buy it, would you vote for them? And if you want to discuss production values and efficiency at delivering the message, I can’t stop you.

Critiques! We want critiques! If possible, please include a link to the political ad you are discussing. Yes, I am making you write my blog for me. Yes, we’d be happy to invite you to the think tank thingy. You will need plenty of caffeine to overcome the ill effects of exposure to political ads.

Hell yes.

December 12, 2008 By: jessicazafra Category: Current Events, Election News Junkies Support Group, Science 23 Comments →

Something amaaazing has happened. It’s one of those choices that are so obvious and right, we can’t believe it was actually made.

US President-elect Obama has named Steven Chu his Energy Secretary. He picked an expert for the job.

Chu is the head of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. He won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1997 for his work on supercooled atoms. He has pushed for research on solar energy and biofuels. He advocates controlling greenhouse emissions. And he’s an employee of the US Department of Energy!

Critics note that Chu is not a politician, so he might not survive Washington. What, you think someone can run a government laboratory without political skills?

Given that amaaazing things are happening, let’s allow ourselves to think that someone with all the necessary qualifications plus a well-developed conscience can become the next President of the Philippines. (Naturally we are assuming that the 2010 elections will go on as scheduled.) Who would you nominate for President of the Philippines? Someone qualified and viable—we’ll worry about “winnability” later. Yes, you love Manny Pacquiao, but he’s done enough for this country. No, seriously, you can’t nominate Pac-Man. Name your candidates.

Look at the nominations so far. Hope ticket, or Despair ticket?