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Writing Boot Camp goes to Cebu on September 16

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If you want to organize a Writing Boot Camp in your office or city, email

I’m looking for OFWs to interview in Tokyo and Yokohama in September

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I am going to Japan in late September (21ish to 27ish) for some world domination research and I plan to interview overseas Filipino workers. The interviews are fairly simple and uncontroversial: how they wound up working in Japan, what their typical day is like, whether they have Filipino friends there, and what their aspirations are. The project is privately funded. The interviewees do not have to share their names and personal details (unless they want to).

If you are a Filipino based in Tokyo or Yokohama, or if you know Filipinos based in Tokyo or Yokohama, please get in touch with me. You can leave me a message in Comments, or email me at If you prefer Facebook, please contact Bubbles at Thank you!

And does anyone know how to get in touch with Evelyn Eleanor the host of Oh Tokyo?

* * * * *

Thank you for all the replies and referrals! Looks like I’m going to do a lot of interviews during my trip. Special thanks to Pepe for pointing me to the videoke bar in Yokohama where the Pinoys hang out.

I’m hosting a Q&A with Mark Danielewski on Saturday, 26 Aug, 3pm at Raffles Hotel Makati

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Mark Danielewski is the author of The House of Leaves, Only Revolutions, The Fifty-Year Sword, and The Familiar, which he envisions as a 27-volume series.

Mark loves cats, who show up in all his books. He will sign your books after the Q&A.

His books will be sold at the venue.

Admission is free. Go early.

Visit Mark Danielewski’s website

See the complete schedule of book talks

On vacation from blogging

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First break in 10 years. Writing offline, in cursive.

Back in August.

In case of emergency, read a book.

It’s time to write something! Join our Writing Boot Camp on July 22 and 29

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You’ve always wanted to write, but you don’t know how to get started.

You used to write, but you haven’t done it in a while and you feel rusty.

You’re sort of interested in writing, but you’re afraid to even admit it.

You’ve started many stories, but you ran out of steam.

You think you can write, but you need a second opinion.

You have a writing project that you’ve been putting off, and you just looked at the calendar and it’s almost 2018.

You want to learn the basics of storytelling. (Or you have a friend who is any/all of the above and you want to give them a little push.)

Join our Writing Boot Camp! The objective is simple: to start and finish a piece of writing (a short story, a personal essay, or a piece of fanfiction) in two weekends.

Dates: July 22 and 29, 2017, from 1-5pm.
Venue: WSI Corporate Center, Metropolitan Avenue, Makati (near the Makati fire station at the end of Ayala Avenue)
Cost: Php6,000

Note: No one has ever burst into tears or had a nervous breakdown at our workshops.

For inquiries and to book a place, email

One week till the next Writing Boot Camp

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Oglaf on preparing the text.

The world is a strange, chaotic place, and one way to deal with it is to write. Join the workshop.