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See Norte on April 15 at Glorietta and Trinoma

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poster with dates ayala encore

The Last Twisted Sale Ever

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last twisted 2

Why do you need copies of Twisted?

(a) Your friend borrowed your copies years ago and never returned them.
(b) You packed them the last time you moved house and now you don’t remember which crate they’re in.
(c) They got Ondoyed/drowned in a flood.
(d) Your ex stole your copies. (It’s his/her/their one redeeming quality.)
(e) Your cats used your books as scratching posts.


(f) Your kids need to submit book reports on Filipino authors.
(g) You were insane enough to propose them as subjects for your thesis.
(h) You are writing a dissertation on World Domination.
(i) You want to reread the essays about Temptation Island, massacre movies, covering books in plastic, Goran Ivanisevic, bra sizes, Pinoy alternative rock, the grunge era, the guy whose nards got stuck in the holes in a monobloc chair, and cats before they took over the Internet.
(j) You want to give them to your friends who moved to the US/Canada/ANZ/Europe/Uranus and left their copies here (The Library of Babel delivers).
(k) You moved to the US/Canada/ANZ/Europe/Uranus and left your copies in the Philippines.
(l) You need unique coasters for your square-bottomed glasses.
(m) You’ve never read them.
(n) You need to get a present for someone at work and she/he seems the type who’d like them.
(o) You need material for a 1994-2007 time capsule.
(p) They’re cheap.
(q) You may be through with the past, but the past isn’t through with you till you get signed copies.

Live at The Library of Babel.

Psychiatrist and human sexuality expert Dr. Agnes Bueno to hold Love Workshops

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love workshop
This is serious, not an April Fool’s Day prank.

Love is the paramount concern of most people, especially Filipinos. Everywhere we go we are reminded of it: in love songs blaring at the malls, in movies about “soulmates”, in ads that promise you will find true love…after you try their products.

But what exactly do we mean by “love”? Infatuation, companionship, sexual attraction, sacrifice, obsession…we might not be talking about the same thing. The result is confusion, disappointment, bitterness, rage, or worse.

Before we can love or be loved, we have to know what it is. Our personal concepts of love are shaped by our earliest interactions with parents, families, friends–relationships that, if we’re not self-aware, can end up defining who we are, or defeating what we want to become.

For something that’s supposed to be in the air, love is hard to pin down.

Professor of Psychiatry and Human Sexuality Agnes Bueno, M.D. invites you to delve into the meaning of love in your life, to understand your desires and expectations, and free yourself from the burdens of the past.

The Love Workshop is a combination of classroom discussion and group therapy. It consists of two intensive three-hour sessions. Each class consists of only five students, with writer Jessica Zafra as facilitator and Dr. Bueno as therapist.

The Love Workshop will be held at #13 Osmena St. Xavierville 3, Loyola Heights Quezon City. The course fee is Php5,000 per person. Schedules will be arranged according to the participants’ availability. To enroll, call (02) 723 0101 local 6501 or 2217 or visit Dr. Bueno’s office at:

Suite 1217 South Tower
St. Luke’s Medical Center
Cathedral Heights Bldg. Complex
279 E. Rodriguez Sr., Blvd., Quezon City

You can’t be loved till you know how to love.

Sunday in the park with art

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Tiger Alert: Hassle-free transfers from Kalibo to Boracay

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A word from our sponsor

“With the Tigerair Transfer Service, your vacation begins the moment you board any of our daily direct flights to Kalibo from Manila, Clark, and Singapore,” says Olive Ramos, president and CEO of Tigerair Philippines. No more queueing up to buy tickets for multiple transfers from the airport to the boat port, no more getting hit with exorbitant “tourist rates”.

All you need is one ticket. As soon as you land in Kalibo, you are ushered to an air-conditioned bus for a scenic land transfer to Caticlan port, express boat transfer from Caticlan Port to Boracay Port, and land transfer from Boracay Port to your hotel—with your own priority lane.


The Tiger Transfer Service voucher may be purchased on board before landing in Kalibo International Airport, and at the check-in counters at the Manila and Clark Airports. To facilitate the Tiger Transfer Service, Tigerair Philippines tapped Aklan’s tourist transport service pioneer Southwest Tours Boracay Inc.

Tigerair Philippines is the first commercial airline to fly direct between Kalibo and Singapore. The carrier also flies to Clark, Bacolod, Cebu, Iloilo, Davao and Puerto Princesa, and to international destinations including Hong Kong, Bangkok and Singapore.

To celebrate the Chinese New Year, Tigerair offers one-way Domestic fares for Php88 and one-way International fares for Php888 if you book from January 27-29. Travel period for this promo is from February 1- March 29, 2014. For more information, log on to or visit any 7-11 Convenience stores or Cebuana Lhuillier outlets nationwide for bookings and payments.

It may be Wednesday, but it’s officially Chus-day.

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Jesus Redentor

Happy Birthday, Jay!