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Nella Sarabia’s optical shop reopens at Acacia Dorm in late April

April 02, 2018 By: jessicazafra Category: Announcements, Shopping 1 Comment →

Some good news: Our suking optical shop will reopen across the street from its former location, at Acacia Dorm on the UP Campus. (If you’ve never been there, it’s near the UP Chapel and the Infirmary.) To get ready for the happy occasion, let’s revisit some of the dozens and dozens of eyeglasses Nella has made for me. (Except for a couple of frames I bought on a Seoul bangketa, all of them are intact and usable, so there are a lot of them.)

Nella’s great-grandfather was the first optometrist in the Philippines and her entire clan is in the optical business, so she has a collection of vintage frames. Years ago, when nobody cared about vintage spectacles (“Ay, luma. Wala bang bago?”), we would root in the bag full of junk and find frames that could be spruced up and reused. (No doubt some of them had previous owners who are dead, but I’ve never had haunted glasses. Dammit I should’ve gotten Prof. Nieves Epistola’s old bangaw glasses. I would not mind being haunted by such a cool ghost.)

Incidentally, these photos were taken by Allan, who swears he only used one or two layers of filtration. If the photos look plasticky to you, feel free to bite him.

These were my very first sunglasses. I could never wear sunglasses before these because my eyesight is bad enough without adding dark tints, and prescription lenses were expensive. I still wear them sometimes. (These are old earrings. I added little glass chili peppers I found in Quiapo.)

And another pair of vintage frames with prescription dark lenses. Also still in use.

These photos were taken at lunch last Saturday, after my three-day shut-in to start writing my next novel (I got a lot of work done but was stir-crazy after 48 hours). That’s Allan in front, Deo and Bubbles at the back. These glasses I saw online—they’re Danish-made, deadstock, so they were on sale. I asked Pat in Bangkok to buy them for me, and Nella made the lenses.

So when people ask me why I don’t just wear contact lenses or have laser surgery, my eyebrow goes into orbit.

Two weeks left before Jessica Zafra’s Writing Boot Camp at the BenCab Museum, Baguio on March 17-18. Book your places now!

February 28, 2018 By: jessicazafra Category: Announcements, Places, Workshops 2 Comments →

Two weeks to go before Writing Boot Camp Weekend! We have several places left for participants. You don’t have to have writing experience, but you have to want to write. Boot Camp focuses on the process of writing, which really begins with hauling your ass in front of that notebook or screen and translating your imaginings into words. We can create universes out of words, but before we can do that, we have to actually finish a paragraph. Then a page. Then pages. Then books! It can be done. Start here.

Sign up for our Writing Boot Camp at the BenCab Museum in Baguio, March 17-18

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Email for details.

Our recent books are now available online.

Each book costs Php350. Free shipping nationwide if you buy both books. Offer good till 28 February 2018. Order now through

And now you can buy them on Lazada!
Buy Geeks vs Jocks here, and The Stories So Far here.

Calling Filipino expats, OFWs, immigrants. It’s time to enlist in the World Domination Project.

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I will be traveling often in the next five months to talk to you wherever you happen to be right now. Join the World Domination Project Facebook page (run by Bubbles) to get updates and set our meetings.

You can also email me at

Thanks to Rommel in NZ, Patricia in France, Patrick in BKK, Hendrick in Dubai, Leah in Munich for the emails. Talk soon!

Finished or not finished, pass your papers

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First submission: Iris Clamor. Good work!

Writing Boot Camp goes to Cebu on September 16

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If you want to organize a Writing Boot Camp in your office or city, email