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Articles by Jessica Zafra

in The New Yorker

When Haiyan Struck

in The National:

The Baroness of Jazz, the life of Pannonica Rothschild

in Newsweek:

Kinatay (Butchered) and the Cannes film festival

Gold of Ancestors at Ayala Museum 

The Anti-Porn Crusade
Method Democracy (the actor slash politician phenomenon)
Imelda Marcos
The Poor Self-Image: a film festival challenges old Western stereotypes
Female Asian golfers
Star Wars

in Asiaweek:
The Estrada Scandal Show
Yayas and World Domination

in The Standard (Hong Kong):
Call Centers
“Hello, Garci” scandal and the Arroyo government
Jueteng and Jeffrey Jeturian’s Kubrador
Singapore tries to be cool
Tribu: Gangs of Manila
Luxe bags
The Unbearable Whiteness of Being
Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros
Fernando Poe, Jr
Divide and rule: the rich in the Philippines
Imelda, the movie
2004 elections
The politics of thongs

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