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About Jessica

No I am not on Facebook or Twitter, and other answers to questions you might be asking, unless you wandered onto this site purely by accident.

1. Yes that IS my real name, I AM the columnist slash talk show host, I AM the author of the Twisted books and this IS my blog.

My column Twisted appeared in TODAY, which no longer exists (sob). I write a column at

2. No, I’m not on Facebook Friendster, and if you’ve ever read anything I’ve written, you would know that I am not the friendly sort. (The last time anyone checked, there were several persons claiming to be Jessica Zafra using my photo, history, things I’ve written; most of them little gay boys apparently.)

3. Because while looking over my old columns I found myself violently disagreeing with myself, and decided to blog so I could rebut myself.

4. No, I don’t do a radio show anymore. My last broadcast was in January 2004 on NU-107. I do podcasts when I feel like it.

5. Oh please, the TV show Points of View was cancelled in October 2002 because no one was watching it, so don’t tell me how sad you are that it’s gone.

6. While we’re trawling my career graveyard, the last issue of FLIP: The Official Guide to World Domination came out in April 2003. The cover persons were Representatives Teodoro Locsin Jr, Imee Marcos, and Satur Ocampo’s bizarre mix at the time, but given recent political events (the attempted impeachments, etc), prophetic. FLIP survived for eight issues. They’re collector’s items now.

I edit an annual literary journal called Manila Envelope.

7. Yes, all my books are available at National Bookstores, Powerbooks, and Fully Booked branches. If you have any trouble finding my books, please email

8. Yes, I managed the Eraserheads for four months (my only claim to coolness), appeared as the framing device in a Joey Reyes movie, and I do the English subtitles of Filipino movies meant for foreign film festivals or international release.

9. I live in Manila with my three cats. They adopted me.

10. I just co-wrote a movie that hasn’t been produced. A few years ago I co-wrote an extremely violent screenplay for a Franco-Filipino project that hasn’t shot yet.