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Bedtime story: The Thing read-along book

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Where are our Star Trek fotonovels??

The Super-Morphing GIF

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Watch them all morphing into each other, superheroes and their nemeses. Nemesises. Nemesi.

From I Raff I Ruse, via io9.

Every movie we see #84: The thrilling pseudo-science of Lucy

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77. Bwaya. 78. Ronda. 79. Children’s Show. 80. 1st Ko Si 3rd. 81. Dagitab. 82. Separados. 83. The Janitor


Luc Besson’s Lucy takes off from the old canard that humans use only ten percent of their brain capacity. Some people would be lucky to have ten percent of a brain. It is silly, exciting and stylish (We’ll overlook the stock nature footage that is used to punctuate the obvious), and it works because Scarlett Johansson gives it her total commitment, and because we like to see girls beat the crap out of armed goons (though we wish there had been more beating). This is the year of the Scarlett.

Lauren Bacall, 89

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Here she is, saying goodbye in To Have and Have Not.

Cinemalaya X: The Economics of Indie Cinema

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At the Cinemalaya awards night last Sunday, the talk was less about the art and craft of film than intellectual property rights and economics. The previous day, filmmakers from the 8th and 9th editions of the annual indie film festival discovered that their films had been uploaded to YouTube in their entirety. The films were taken down, and the Cinemalaya Foundation issued apologies at the closing ceremonies, but it will take some time before the indie community stops seeing Cinemalaya as The Big Bad.

This is not the first controversy Cinemalaya has been embroiled in, but it is certainly the worst because it calls into question the very integrity of the project. We will wait for the outcome of the dialogue between the Cinemalaya Foundation and the filmmakers (Though it was a major jerk move, trying to pin the blame on technical staff). We hope that the foundation invites the most vocal critics of its policies, that these critics show up, and that the discussion is calm and productive. It is difficult to reach a consensus on Twitter, much less delve deeply into the issues.

For now we interrupt our Cinemalaya X reviews—which are late anyway (We blame the weather and especially the horrible traffic, which has reached civil rights violation levels)—to look into the cost of making indies, and their economic potential.

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Robin Williams is dead.

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He was found dead in his house, an apparent suicide.

We practically memorized Robin Williams Live At The Met, and still use his jokes in everyday conversation (“It was dark, it was light, it was dark, it was light,” “…pants so tight you can see what religion they are,” etc).

We suddenly remembered that New York Times profile in which the writer described Robin Williams at the drive-through window at McDonald’s, ordering in the voice of Jodie Foster as Nell. Thank you, Mr. Williams.