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Robert Downey, Jr, adopt us.

October 01, 2014 By: jessicazafra Category: Movies


As we reported last week, Norte, Hangganan ng Kasaysayan has been named the official entry of the Philippines to the Academy Awards. Thanks to everyone who saw the movie, who told their friends about it, who spread the word about a 4-hour, 10-minute indie arthouse movie that, on paper, didn’t stand a chance against the heavily-advertised, big budget mainstream productions.

Next, we try to get into the shortlist of five nominees for Best Foreign Language Film.

IndieWire says Norte has a chance. We expect favorable notice from awards prediction sites in the coming weeks. But every country has an entry, and many of them are worthy contenders, too.

Lav Diaz is too cool to campaign for a nomination, but (speaking for ourself) we’re not. We want that nomination. What we need is to be adopted by a major Hollywood player who will throw their weight behind Norte, The End of History and get Academy members to consider supporting it for the Oscars. Maybe throw us a party. And this is the first name that popped into our massive head: Robert Downey, Jr. He’s as major a Hollywood player as it gets, we have a feeling he’ll like Norte, and we do love him.

Robert Downey, Jr., adopt us.

(Does anyone know anyone who knows RDJ? In real life, not in your fan fiction.)

The Final Question at Midnight

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For a shot at the Villa del Conte chocolates, the Dove hair and skin care package, AND the three-day stay at Sun Resorts in Boracay:

What is your 10-year plan?

The realistic one that does not involve winning the lottery or marrying into the British royal family.

Post your answers in Comments before 11.59pm.

Postcards for a cause

September 30, 2014 By: jessicazafra Category: Announcements


Cha made this set of postcards for From the Heart, an art fundraiser for Diame Alba Dumaup.

Each box contains 16 pieces of 6″ x 4.28″ postcards in three designs. A box of postcards costs Php500, with a minimal delivery charge. You can contact Cha at +639178067758 or, or through the From the Heart Facebook page.


The Perils of Being A Writer, part 2

September 30, 2014 By: jessicazafra Category: Books

Entangled, a short film about quantum experiments gone wrong. via io9.

6. You become a cannibal. You don’t eat human flesh, just your own. When you’re a writer, everything is material. It’s your duty to your craft to lead a thrilling life, or be around fascinating people; otherwise, what would you have to write about?

Your own life is source material—not surprisingly, many first novels are thinly-veiled autobiographies, or if you want to sound smart, Bildungsroman. This can lead to existential questions like: Am I living my life, or am I just going through this for the story? What is my real self? Do I have a real self?

And when you have existential crises, you don’t go to a psychotherapist who will prescribe antidepressants so you can function “normally”. Are you kidding, and cut off all that potential material?

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Question at Midnight #7

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What dream have you abandoned?

Post your answer in Comments. The winner will be announced round midnight.

* * * * *

The winner is dindin. Congratulations! Email to claim your prize.

Here’s the world’s tiniest violin playing for the rest of you.

Question at Midnight #6

September 29, 2014 By: jessicazafra Category: Contest, Sponsored

Han Solo in carbonite: First love is traumatic.

Who is the first human you ever had a crush on? (Film/TV/pop stars included)

Post your answers in Comments. The winner will be announced round midnight.

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The winner is chel_p3. Congratulations. Please email to claim your prize.