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Helping the Hackers: Media should stop doing the Sony hackers’ work for them. Update: Sony, theatres fold completely. Cyberterrorists win.

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Update: Sony Pictures cancels holiday release of The Interview after threats.

That’s great, chicken out after weeks of free front-page and viral publicity, when people now want to see The Interview.

* * * * *

While we enjoyed the confirmation that Hollywood is run by horrible people, the confidential reports of forthcoming projects, and the appreciation of Michael’s Fassbender, that information came from a crime perpetrated by a group that wants to stop the showing of a movie. They want to gag free speech.

The news organizations who used the stolen data claim that they selected only the “newsworthy” stuff–we need a new definition of what is news. They’re invoking free speech to make revelations made possible by people who are against free speech.

Never mind the reputation and income of the corporation, but sensitive personal data of its employees has been made public.

And if we only watch movies made by nice people (and read books, listen to music, look at art, eat food, live in buildings, wear clothes, use gadgets, ride cars by nice people), there would be no culture.

Read about it at the NYT.

Hmm, Haircuts for the Homeless, Helping the Hackers—today’s headlines are brought to you by the letter H.

Every movie we see #126: The Hobbit finale is spectacular, and we’re glad it’s over.

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Didn’t feel like typing. It’s just cursive, not Quenya.


Meanwhile, someone made a hand-illuminated edition of The Silmarillion. Read about it at Boing Boing.

The winner of our Adapt this book contest is…

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UVDust, who proposes that Wes Anderson make a movie of Helen Oyeyemi’s Mr. Fox. Live-action this time.

Congratulations! Please email to collect your prize.

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To mark the opening of P.T. Anderson’s Inherent Vice, we’re going to read Thomas Pynchon

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Oops, put the wrong video earlier.

But not Inherent Vice, The Crying of Lot 49. It’s short.

And sorry if you got all excited, we don’t know whether Inherent Vice will open in Philippine theatres at all.

Maybe Pynchon has a cameo in Inherent Vice. They can claim he’s in it, after all no one knows what he looks like.

Last week we had our annual viewing of Magnolia. One way to look at Magnolia is to see it as a musical by Aimee Mann and P.T. Anderson. There’s even group singing with Tom Cruise.

It’s P.T.A. Week at Grantland.

How Kazuo Ishiguro wrote The Remains of the Day in one month

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See the illustrations by Finn Campbell-Notman

Tom Waits had something to do with it.

Read it at The Guardian.

Which book should be made into a movie? Tell us and win the new Murakami novel

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Post your answers in Comments. The winner will be announced on 12 December.

Books we’d like to see on the big screen
The Patrick Melrose novels by Edward St Aubyn
Life After Life by Kate Atkinson
How To Be Both by Ali Smith

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