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The Weekly Podcast

Episodes 3.1 and 3.2: Talking to Microentrepreneurs

We attended a round table with Citi Philippines CEO Batara Sianturi and eight beneficiaries of the Citi Microenterprise Development Center (CMDC). CMDC trains, coaches, and mentors high-potential micro business owners. It has been recognized with a social empowerment award by the Asia Responsible Entrepreneurship Program.

In part 1 of the podcast, the microentrepreneurs tell us how they got started in business, and express their fears about the future of their enterprises.

In part 2, the microentrepreneurs tell us how they overcame personal hardships, what they’ve learned about running their own businesses, and how entrepreneurship has changed their families’ fortunes.

* * * * *

Episode 2.11: Supervillain! Anti-heroine! Role model! Part two of our Celia Rodriguez interview.

Episode 2.10: We had drinks with one of our favorite movie stars, Celia Rodriguez, the definitive Valentina, Darna’s snake-haired nemesis.

Episode 2.9: In the second part of our interview, Dr. Agnes Bueno answers your questions on sex and reveals her favorite fictional psychiatrist. (Enjoy the information with some fava beans and a good chianti.)

Episode 2.8: Dr. Agnes Bueno says 50 Shades of Grey is not erotic, sex addiction does not exist, and monogamy is really tough. The first part of our conversation with the noted psychiatrist and human sexuality expert.

Episode 2.7: A Journey Around Your Skull with Dr. Joven Cuanang. We spoke to the esteemed neurologist Dr. Cuanang about migraines, memory, madness, and the care and feeding of our brains.

Episode 2.6: Yuki Matsuzaki, who stars opposite Eugene Domingo in Instant Mommy, tells us how he started out singing on the streets of New York, got his first part on a very bad B-movie, worked with Tom Cruise and Clint Eastwood, and landed his first Asian movie role in Cinemalaya.

Episode 2.5: Jessica talks about being an obsessive consumer of pop culture. Recorded at the first InterAksyon Cafe in May.

Episode 2.4: Jerrold Tarog wrote his first screenplay Sana Dati in 2006, and over the years he pitched it to a lot of producers. Nothing happened. In the meantime he made six feature films. In 2013 Sana Dati was accepted in the Directors’ Showcase at Cinemalaya, and he still couldn’t find the funds to shoot it. Just as he was about to quit, a producer appeared. Listen to the back story of Sana Dati in our podcast interview.

Episode 2.3: Jeffrey Jeturian. Film and TV director Jeffrey Jeturian has just completed his 9th feature film, Ekstra, starring Ms. Vilma Santos. In the first of two episodes, we talk about how he got his start in the movies, and his knack for discovering talents in gas stations and panciteria.

Episode 2.2: Atty. Lorna Kapunan, Un-gagged. Eavesdrop on our conversation with Atty. Lorna Kapunan, legal counsel of James Yap and Hayden Kho. We talk about family law, men’s rights, spousal abuse, things to remember before you get married, community property, why there is no divorce in the Philippines, the legal profession and political office, and how to hang on to your soul when everyone is selling theirs.

Season 2, Episode 1: Monstress. A conversation with Fil-American author Lysley Tenorio, author of the story collection Monstress.

* * * * *

Episode 10. Uploaded 22 October 2012. Geeking Out on Sports. Jaemark Tordecilla of the Fire Quinito blog and tells us why Philippine sports needs an overhaul.

Episode 9. Uploaded 15 October 2012. You Need To Read Chang-Rae Lee. Jessica talks to one of the finest novelists of our time: Chang-Rae Lee, author of The Surrendered, A Gesture Life and Native Speaker.

Episode 8. Uploaded 08 October 2012. A Journalist’s Life. We talk to Roby Alampay about his career in journalism, from campus papers to daily broadsheets to Roby also explains why straight guys only need 3 types of shoes.

Episode 7. Uploaded 01 October 2012. Alex Gilvarry talks about his novel From the Memoirs of A Non-Enemy Combatant, in which the protagonist Boyet is a Filipino fashion designer suspected of being an Al Qaeda operative.

Episode 6. Uploaded 24 September 2012. Carlo the pastry chef loves cake, but more than that he loves looooove. Why don’t you love him? Why? Why?

Episode 5. Uploaded 17 September 2012. Jessica and Budjette (He’s baaack! again!) shoot the breeze with writer-editor-filmmaker Pepe Diokno, winner of the Lion of the Future award for Best First Film (Engkuwentro) at the 2009 Venice Film Festival, and then nag him to cough up his second movie. With cameos by the back of George Clooney’s head, the whole Jeff Goldblum, and that guy who plays Ice-T’s partner in Law and Order. Plus: How to nearly get killed at a screening of E.T.

Episode 4. Uploaded 10 September 2012. As the year’s last grand slam draws to a close, Jessica and filmmaker/tennis fan Mike Alcazaren discuss the year in tennis, the tao of Federer, what to do if a player’s sweat-soaked towel lands at your feet, the length of shorts, and Felicisimo “the Mighty Mite” Ampon, the 4’8″ Filipino who beat the best tennis players in the world.

Episode 3: Uploaded 03 Sept 2012. What is more fun: having a fantastic meal at a great restaurant then reminiscing about it for the next 3 months, or enduring a terrible dinner in an overpriced dump then complaining about it on your blog? Jessica talks to Mike of Walk and Eat.

Episode 2. Uploaded 27 Aug 2012. The conclusion of the comics round-up (We hope) plus movies, books and other excellent distractions.

Episode 1. Uploaded 22 Aug 2012. Jessica and co-host Budjette attempt a proper introduction to the series but quickly disintegrate into comics-induced chaos.